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Mums Reveal Top 10 Baby Stores in 2021

Discover where Mums are shopping for baby products

We’re regularly approached by baby brands here and across the globe, that are launching into the Australian market place for the first time, or baby brands that are already well established in retail, who come to Mumpower with similar unknowns.

These baby brands often ask us:

  • Where do Mums go to shop for baby goods?
  • How satisfied are Mums with their retail shopping experience?
  • What can brands and retailers do together to motivate Mums to shop more often?

All fantastic questions. Mumpower reached out to our vast network of Aussie Mum Shoppers to clarify the unknowns for brands in this space. Check out the following insights to learn more about Mums buying behaviour for baby goods (excluding FMCG), and prepare to boost your in store presence and retail partnerships.

The top 10 type of Baby Stores (ex FMCG) Mums are buying from:

In order of priority, these are the retailers Mums are buying baby goods from:

  1. In store – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies)
  2. In store – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc)
  3. In store – Baby Bunting
  4. Online – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc)
  5. Online – Baby Bunting
  6. Online – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies)
  7. Online – direct from the brand
  8. Other online shopping stores (i.e Amazon, Ebay, Kogan, etc)
  9. In store – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products
  10. Online – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products

What does this mean to brands? It is important for brands to stock ranges in both online and offline retailers. In-store retail destinations continue to be a popular destination for Mums. It provides the opportunity to touch, feel, try products and compare items in person.

Top 3 retailers offering the best shopping experience

  1. Baby Bunting
  2. Department stores (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc)
  3. Pharmacies (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies)

What does this mean to brands? The better the shopping experience, the greater the likelihood mums will return or recommend to others. There is opportunity for both brands and retailers to review the entire buying experience and brand touch points and review what role can your brand play in improving her in store shopping experience.

8 ways retailers and brands elevate Mums buying experience, as told by Mums:

  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Excellent brand ranging
  3. Product availability
  4. Be Convenient
  5. Enhanced in store shopping experience
  6. Enhanced online shopping experience
  7. Superior customer service
  8. Knowledgeable staff

What does this mean to brands? This is what Mums are seeking from her buying experience.  Some of the ways brands can demonstrate how they deliver across these factors is by: clearly communicate the value or added value of the offering (via communication strategy, reviews, website presence, branding, signage), use intuitive technology online to personalise her experience and promote other ‘like’ products or brands that suit, improve staff training and ensure the in store experience is easy – and enjoyable- to navigate.

6 strategies to attract more Mums in store

As part of this Mumpower research initiative, Mums were encouraged to nominate and rate activities that would motivate her to shop more often. The most popular responses, in order of demand include:

  1. Educational experiences
  2. Demo days with brands
  3. VIP special event
  4. In store local mums group catch ups
  5. Expert speakers
  6. Meet and greet with influencers

What does this mean to brands? Mums are hungry for information and very eager to engage with brands on site. Mum shoppers need to feel confident in her buying decision and will actively seek this information.  Therefore, this is an opportunity for brands to review the value-add in store experiences your brand can drive in unison with the retailers, i.e. hosting educational experiences such as child safety sessions, baby bonding ideas, breastfeeding support and more, will enable the customer to learn something of direct interest to her needs, interact with others and experience first hand how a brand will fit into her life.

Understanding where Mums choose to shop is one part of Mums buying journey . Beyond this, there are many other insights that will continue to support brand growth. Such as: understanding the competitive landscape, assessing how Mums perceive your brand, and what advertising mediums have the greatest influence on her decision to buy. Here is an example of how further Market Research will boost your success exponentially Brands that gain insight into her total buying experience are best placed to drive growth further.