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Abuzz With Excitement for World Bee Day, 20 May

Announcement posted by Kylie Perrett 19 May 2021

Naturally Northern Rivers Australia Co-Founder and Director, Lilly Choi-Lee, said World Bee Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate passionate apiarists like those at Australia’s Manuka.

Adored for their honey, the humble bee is a true behind-the-scenes hero of global food production doing much of the heavy lifting in pollinating the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food.

Critical in preserving biodiversity and ecological balance in nature, the miniature winged superheroes are rightly honoured around the world on 20 May, the birth date of Anton Janša, a pioneer in modern beekeeping.

Naturally Northern Rivers Australia Co-Founder and Director, Lilly Choi-Lee, said World Bee Day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate passionate apiarists like those at Australia’s Manuka.

“We have partnered with Australia's Manuka in curating exceptional natural and healthy products for our customers Australia wide and internationally,” said Choi-Lee who has been using bioactive honey, produced from Leptospermum plants, for decades since it first helped in her recovery from Leukemia 20 years ago this year.

“I had painful mouth ulcers following my transplant and bioactive honey was the only thing that brought me any relief.”

“The honey is carefully harvested, then independently and scientifically tested for its potency.

“It can take up to 24 months of careful monitoring and regular laboratory testing as the honey matures – like fine wine – before we share this with our online community.”

Australia's Manuka, Managing Director, Michael Howes said the Northern Rivers is home to some of the most potent Leptospermum plant varieties in the world, and that working alongside Naturally Northern Rivers Australia to promote the region’s clean green food bowl is another positive step forward in highlighting what we have in this unique part of the world.

“There are 12 varieties present in our region and they’re the strongest ones in Australia and the world. We tap into three or four of pretty well the strongest that you’ll find,” said Mr Howes whose business produces bioactive medical grade honey from the Leptospermum plants.

Mr Howes said bees in Australia’s Manuka hives are managed naturally by organic standards without the use of sugar feeding, veterinary pharmaceuticals or chemicals, and that the active honey they produce from Leptospermum plants offers not just anti-bacterial properties but wound healing.

“I really like Naturally Northern Rivers Australia’s careful selection of ethical and sustainable businesses in promoting the food bowl in the Northern Rivers region.”

Naturally Northern Rivers Australia Co-Founder and Director, Lilly Choi-Lee, said she and her husband have partnered with passionate artisans, farmers, creators and lovers of the region who are advocates of sustainable and ethical practices, giving back to the environment and their local communities.

“Our core values have been the beacon that has guided us from the beginning in, and provenance was key,” said Choi-Lee, who after months of hard work is delighted with the response to the launch of their new business

“We’ve hand-selected products ranging from food to skin care, all Australian owned and grown and produced in the Northern Rivers, NSW.”

“What we have here is so good, it is worth sharing and we know it will resonate with others who seek a lifestyle based on sustainability, collaboration and inclusivity.”

Choi-Lee said the collection will expand as they continue to explore and connect with more amazing producers throughout the region.

Along with some of the world’s most spectacular coastlines, the Northern Rivers’ rolling green hinterlands, fertile soils and sub-tropical climate produces an abundance of premium products, underpinned by a respectful environmental philosophy and growing reputation as a hub for premium organics.


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NATURALLY NORTHERN RIVERS AUSTRALIA: Founded in 2020, Naturally Northern Rivers Australia is an Australian, family-owned business based on the Tweed Coast, in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia. The online store features a carefully selected collection of natural, healthy and organic products uniquely grown and produced in the Northern Rivers. To learn more about where the products come from, how they are made, and the stories behind them, visit www.naturallynorthernrivers.com