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HighPoint Trees Provides Tree Pruning Sydney for Health, Growth and Safety

Announcement posted by HighPoint Trees 19 May 2021

We specialise in tree removals and maintenance, tree lopping, tree pruning, land clearing, palm tree removal, gutter cleaning, and stump grinding.

Proper tree care is essential in every environment, whether it’s a specimen plant, backyard orchard, or a land management project. HighPoint Tree Management is a fully licensed and insured arbourist, providing an inclusive range of tree-related services throughout Sydney that includes pruning, lopping and removal when appropriate, along with stump grinding.

The company’s highly skilled staff utilizes their knowledge of tree biology and anatomy to safely tend to every tree’s needs. The company works with residential and commercial clients, project developers, schools and governmental agencies. As a member of the National Arbour Society, the company follows acknowledged quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Tree care encompasses a wide range of services, one of which is tree pruning Sydney. Pruning is used to attain different results, depending upon the type of tree and its location. It encourages strong and healthy growth habits and promotes enhanced flowering and fruiting. When a tree sustains damage to smaller branches, pruning removes the affected branch, while maintaining its form and mitigating the potential for insect and disease to enter.

Tree lopping Sydney is a more radical approach for larger limbs and is used as a last result. Lopping involves removing a large portion of the tree, is stressful to the planting, and affects its growth habit, appearance and ability to survive. It’s dangerous for the tree, the individuals doing the work, and structures and vehicles in the vicinity. It also encourages growth of weaker sections, which can eventually undermine the entire tree.

Sometimes the best path is to completely remove a tree. Tree stump removal is used to eliminate trees that are dead, dying and when roots are no longer able to support it due to age, rodents, insects or decay. Removing a tree can be beneficial to allow others to reach their full potential. HighPoint Trees also provides stump grinding to eliminate unsightly stumps.

The company offers fixed pricing, free no-obligation quotes, senior discounts, and emergency services 24/7. HighPoint Trees also provides highly delicate palm cleaning procedures, land clearing, and gutter cleaning for every requirement. The company can assist clients in obtaining the necessary permits for the work to be performed.

About High Point Tree Management

We specialise in tree removals and maintenance, tree lopping, tree pruning, land clearing, palm tree removal, gutter cleaning, and stump grinding. We have over 10 years of experience and we’re a member of the National Arbour Society. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


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