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This World-First IKEA ‘Hack’ is About To Transform Play Time For Parents

Melbourne, AUST: Keeping young children occupied when at home has become even more important thanks to COVID. So how do you keep your child entertained without resorting to even more screen time?

As a small parent-run Australian business, Toddle Way understands this need more than most.  They are pleased to announce the launch of their LED LightPad compatible with the popular IKEA Flisat table. The LightPad with its unique, patented design is a world-first, allowing it to be used standalone or as an insert in the IKEA Flisat converting it to a large, functional light table. 

Toddle Way co-founder Ben McLean says, ‘light panels and light tables are a wonderful learning tool to enhance a child’s sensory play as we are naturally drawn to visual images.

Large light tables are expensive and many parents don’t have room for another large single-use piece of furniture in their playroom. The IKEA Flisat table is very popular with parents of young children, and we wanted to give them the option of ‘hacking’ their existing table when they need a light table at the fraction of the cost.

Translucent toys, sensory gel-filled bags, transparent magnetic tiles and tracing and drawing activities on a light table are stimulating and entertaining, keeping children engaged for hours.’

Its slim, lightweight design allows it to sit perfectly within the IKEA Flisat frame and is easily removed for standalone use on the floor or dining room table for the older kids.  With the first release selling out quickly, parents are quickly realising the benefits of adding light to their childs play. 

For sale within Australia and USA via their local distributor, the Toddle Way LightPad is available to purchase now.  Visit www.toddleway.com.au for further details.

About Toddle Way

A small online business started in Melbourne, Australia, Toddle Way continues to grow in popularity with its development and release of new, ground-breaking products in the Baby and Toddler market.  With their motto “make parenting easier the Toddle Way”, their products continue to innovate with the aim of helping parents manage the common problems faced during parenthood. Online distributors located in USA, Canada and Singapore mean their products are quickly gaining popularity throughout the world.