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Impact of Covid-19 on Indian economy

Announcement posted by Kroos Logistics Removals Perth 20 May 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has not only a major effect on India's economy  but also on  human lives. With a few notable exceptions, almost every sector has been confronted with  negative impacts as domestic demand and exports have dramatically decreased.

While the government decided to enforce a global lockdown in order to seek relief from the coronavirus, the lockdown has had a significant negative impact on the management's supply chain.

Here's a quick rundown of how the pandemic has impacted some big industries:

 Education and E-learning

: While the environment in which we live has changed with the passing of time and technological advancements, certain aspects remain important to us, such as education. Because of the coronavirus, institutions and educators have changed their educational approaches, preferring to provide education to students through the internet rather than conventional methods. Students' growth and goals are being hampered by online teaching and e-learning because the attempts made by educators who have adapted to technology, such as video lessons and online courses, are not understood by them.

Food and Agriculture:

Despite the fact that agriculture is the country's backbone and an important part of the government, which has declared agriculture to be an integral category, the Food and Agriculture sector is suffering from the negative effects of covid. Although some local governments permit the distribution of vegetables and other essential items to individuals, Due to ambiguous limits on travel and the stoppage of logistics equipment, online food grocery platforms have been severely harmed.

 Aviation and tourism:

Aviation and tourism are two of the most hard-hit sectors, with a high likelihood of misery. Though people are opting not to fly in the coming months due to the covid, countries are still seeing a drastic reduction in the flow of money from this business.

Restaurant services:

When the government declared the lockdown, the National Restaurant Association, which represents the majority of Indian restaurants, decided to shut down their dine-in operations and instead rely on online food delivery sites like Swiggy and Zomato, which saw a 60 percent drop in revenue.

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