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[Brisbane, Australia] – May 21, 2021 Qlicksmart announced on International Nurses Day that Mary Seeley, a surgical technologist program director, and Mark Krkobabic, a nursing student from Queensland University of Technology have been named as the Qlicksmart Safety Champions for 2021. This year is the Qlicksmart Safety Champion Awards’ inaugural year and nominations were submitted online as well as on social media.

Qlicksmart co-founder Dr. Michael Sinnott said, “I am very proud to see that the inaugural Qlicksmart Safety Champion Awards has been an international event covering a wide spectrum of healthcare professions: A local Australian nursing student and an American Surgical Technologist lecturer. The Safety Champion Awards is important to recognizing the work our healthcare professionals do, not only to keep patients safe but their colleagues as well.”

The winners were chosen for having shown exceptional work in promoting safety in their workplace and/or learning environment.

Mary Seeley is a CST and surgical technology program director, who has implemented Qlicksmart sharps safety devices in the surgical technology labs at Monroe Community College in the state of New York. Learning about safety procedures in Operating Rooms is an important part of training for surgical technology students.

Mary has helped students learn how to perform corrective actions to decrease the risk of sharps sticks and cuts while in the lab and in the clinical setting. Mary and her students have also been advocating for local hospitals to invest in Qlicksmart devices for regular use in the Greater Rochester area.

Mark Krkobabic is a student at Queensland University of Technology and is the 2021 QUT Society of Undergraduate Nurses (SUN) President. He has volunteered many hours of his own time to actively involve himself in the participation and planning of professional events which focus on patient and staff safety. Just this month, Mark has organised the SUN “All About Safety” event.

Mark continues to advocate for safety and has effectively mitigated clinical errors within clinical practice procedures. Mark consistently educates others on the importance of patient and staff safety within the student nursing community.

Mary and Mark will receive a framed commemorative certificate and a safety pack prize including a Qlicksmart SnapIT reusable ampoule opener and a set of Elitecare scrubs from eNurse.com.au.

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Qlicksmart is committed to making healthcare professional’s lives easier and safer, so that they can focus on patient care. Established in 1999 by two Australian physicians to combat scalpel cuts in hospitals, our award-winning safety devices are now being used in over 50 countries worldwide. Qlicksmart works with innovators from the healthcare sector to deliver solutions which target the overlooked concerns of nurses, surgeons, and healthcare facilities.