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Announcement posted by Olive PR 24 May 2021

Rosemary Health provides easy online access to doctors and pharmacists on your terms.

Launched in August 2020, Rosemary Health is an online platform digitising healthcare and handing control and convenience back to patients. Having already connected over 12,000 Australians with online doctors and pharmacists since launching, Rosemary Health is bridging the gap by bringing quality care and best practice into the modern era.

The asynchronous service allows patients to lodge a request online anytime and anywhere - no waiting rooms, no travel, and no appointments required. Through an online portal, patients can enquire with a qualified doctor about over 20 different medical concerns and rescript services, ranging from diabetes, acne, sleep issues, heartburn, migraines, menopause, and hair loss. The patient’s treatment plan is sent back to them online and medications are delivered direct to their door.

How Rosemary Health works:

  • Patients log onto www.rosemaryhealth.com.au;
  • Select a concern, fill in a short questionnaire, & undertake an ID check;
  • A doctor will send back a treatment plan and script within hours;
  • Rosemary Health coordinates free shipping of medications straight to patients’ doors.

Consult fees are $20 per visit, or $52 for the pill which will cover the patient for a year. These fees also allow the patient access to ongoing care and unlimited follow-ups with their doctor.

“At Rosemary Health, we’re not looking to replace doctors visits. We know that they are necessary and important for a number of reasons. We are, however, looking to simplify the process for patients who have either been assessed previously and need a rescript, or are looking for a convenient and private way to enquire about sensitive issues that don’t require a physical assessment,” says Rosemary Health co-founder, Dr Ai Nhi Bui.

“We’ve already seen our service make a big impact across Australia with over 12,000 users connecting to the platform. 35% of those were regionally based and the other 65% from metropolitan areas. The convenience of Rosemary Health is perfect for those who are busy and need treatment plans on their own schedule and also those in regional communities that may not have a doctors office or pharmacy in close proximity,” says Rosemary Health CEO & founder, Romain Bonjean.

Rosemary Health is at the forefront of digital healthcare in Australia. No waiting rooms, no appointment times, just convenient service on the patient’s own terms.



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