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'Women Who Golf' Global Community Cruises Past 30,000 Members!

Announcement posted by Women Who Golf 24 May 2021

The world's largest female-only golfing community

The female golfing community is growing stronger and gaining a voice thanks to Women Who Golf's Facebook community. The community, founded by 29-year-old Australian Tuscany Williams, has surpassed 30,000 global members and continues to grow at over 1,000 new members per week.

According to Ms Williams, the rapid growth can be attributed to "Focusing on producing an environment dedicated to positivity and support. View our pages, and you'll see a wide array of women coming together. Skin colour, religion or political beliefs don't exist here. The group is united by our common love of the sport of golf, and we celebrate the women who love it."

The positivity that Tuscany fosters is not lost on the members. Reading through the pages, you see countless posts of enthusiastic female golfers praising the online community as their second home. In the real world, members often feel marginalised and treated as an outsider in their own clubs. According to a study by National Golf Foundation (NGF), the statistics show women accounting for only 24%* of on-course golfers, according to a study by National Golf Foundation (NGF). Pleasingly, however, the same study found 29% of non-golfing females are interested to learn, and communities like Women Who Golf are paving the way for this expansion.

In an industry that has been in decline for years, the silver lining is eager female golfers coming together to foster positivity in the game. There is both a commercial and leisure opportunity here. Tuscany Williams and her groupWomen Who Golf is at the forefront of this change. If you'd like to join, the advice Tuscany gives is simple: "There is no cost, just join the Facebook group or our new website. All we ask is you bring positivity and an eagerness to support each other". After the recent isolation of the pandemic, this is exactly what the world needs!

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