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Men's Botanics releases new range of natural skin care products

Announcement posted by Men's Botanics 24 May 2021

Men's Botanics announce an expanded range of cleansers and shaving products that highlight the benefits of Australian botanical extracts for the skin.
Men worldwide are discovering the amazing effectiveness of Australia’s unique, antioxidant-packed, anti-ageing skincare ingredients. With an overload of vitamin C, micronutrients, and a cocktail of botanicals, leading skincare products from Men's Botanics deliver results that protect from the harshest of environments.

Australia is famous for more than its pristine beaches and stunning scenery. It is home to a booming men’s skincare industry. The Australian lifestyle is based on the great outdoors, so whether it's surfing, hiking, or days spent on the beach, Aussie men know they need to armour up against the ravages of the extreme Downunder climate.

Cheap, synthetic, mass-produced skincare just doesn’t cut it down here. That’s why more men are now demanding only the most concentrated, highly effective, natural ingredients that deliver real results. Skin knows the difference between synthetic molecules that mimic real nutrients and the natural substances it craves. The new and improved line of men's skincare at Men's Botanics make uses the following extracts: 

Kakadu Plum

Grown in the open Eucalypt bush in northern Australia, Kakadu Plum is prized for its incredible antioxidant content. Primarily composed of vitamin C, this bush superfruit is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from premature ageing and damage caused by free radicals. 

This amazing fruit is also astoundingly rich in copper, which is essential to the production of connective tissue and vital skin enzymes. 

Australian Desert Lime

This outback wonder also boasts an incredible amount of vitamin C. It has been proven to even out skin tone, enhance firmness, even out patchiness, and promote skin regeneration.

Desert Lime has also been shown to improve skin hydration, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and even whiten sun-damaged, pigmented skin.

Davidson’s Plums

Davidson’s Plums is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Known as rainforest skin food, Davidson’s Plums are dark purple and rich in photo-active compounds. A natural alternative to synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients, these natural compounds are highly bioavailable and easily absorbed by the skin.

Davidson’s Plums are shown to have an incredible healing effect on the skin, improving the appearance of redness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

There is no other place on the map with such a high concentration of powerful skin-repairing agents. Crucial to quality skin, these ingredients supercharge skincare products, delivering visible results to combat signs of damage and ageing.

Choose Men's Botanics 

Jacob Jackson, a spokesperson for Men's Botanics, said: "When we look at Australians compared to other cultures living in extreme climates, we just don’t see the same skin damage as in other populations. This is because Aussies have access to unique botanicals, like those available from Men's Botanics, to combat our harsh, variable climate. At Men’s Botanics, we source only the highest quality Australian Botanics for our skincare ranges. We're proud to be locally sourced, environmentally conscious, and Australian owned."

Choose Men’s Botanics for vibrant, healthy-looking skin. People don't need to look their age when they can choose to target their skin challenges with effective, long-lasting products. What's more, these cleansers and shaving products are for men, by men. The team at Men's Botanics don’t test on animals and are committed to minimising their environmental footprint. 

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