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Bedroom Hacks To Get You Through Winter With Interiors Expert Stuart Clark

Announcement posted by Victory Curtains and Blinds 01 Jun 2021

Want to liven up your bedroom this winter? As the cold season can make your home feel uninviting www.victoryblinds.com.au interiors expert Stuart Clark offers his bedroom hacks to liven up your bedroom this season. 

Change your bedsheets 

A simple hack for feeling warmer in your bedroom is swapping your current bedsheets for linen, fleece, silk or cotton throughout winter. Also, add extra blankets to create that winter-ready bed and keep down the heating bill. 

Add some life 

If you have a green thumb adding flowers, succulents and houseplants is a fantastic way to help filter the air in your bedroom and also add some style and color. If you kill every houseplant you’ve ever owned, try a low maintenance plant like a cactus which are resilient to the cold. 

Lighten it up

If your home struggles to get much natural light during the winter opting for more artificial lighting options such as lamps can brighten your bedroom up. Opting for softer lighting will also make your bedroom feel much more relaxing and comforting. 

Layer up 

Layering different blinds and curtains is a great way to combine fabrics at a window to create a sense of depth by playing on textures and patterns. If you want to insulate your bedroom try layering a blind with curtains as this will act as heat insulation. 


If you are losing a lot of heat through your floorboards, a simple rug will be the answer to your problems. In addition, your room will now stay comfortable all year round!

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