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An orgasm a day helps keep the doctor away

Announcement posted by Lovehoney Australia 28 May 2021

New research from Lovehoney reveals the hidden health benefits of self pleasure

With Friday 28th May, marking International Masturbation Day, new research from the Sexual Happiness People, Lovehoney, has revealed the hidden health benefits of masturbation -  encouraging Aussies to self pleasure their way to a healthier lifestyle.

The research revealed a whopping 87% of Aussies recognise masturbation as being good for their mental health. However, despite the health benefits, a quarter of men (25%) and almost half (44%) of women masturbate less than once a month.

The study also revealed the top health reasons Aussies masturbate, with one-in-three (30%) seeing it as a way to relax, followed by stress relief (29%) and a better night’s sleep (18%). 

Lovehoney’s resident Sex Coach, Tamica Wilder believes there’s a  huge list of benefits that come with loving yourself. 

“While there is still some stigma around masturbation, it is completely healthy and normal sexual behaviour that has a tonne of feel-good side-effects. When you masturbate hormones are released such as oxytocin and serotonin which can have a whole range of health benefits including stress reduction, better sleep, pain relief and more. It’s also a great way to explore your sexuality and sexual pleasure to uncover and discover more about what you like, which also improves partnered sex,” Wilder explained. 

Breaking down taboos 

The research revealed the average Australian masturbates six times a month, while more than one in ten (11.5%) masturbrate at least once a day. 

When it comes down to the “how” of masturbation, the research revealed that one in ten Aussies masturbate with a toy. In fact, every two in five Australian women prefer to masturbate with a toy. The most popular masturbation toys were revealed to be: 

  1. Clitoral stimulator (20.6%)

  2. Wand vibrator (15.9%)

  3. Dildo (15.9%)

  4. Rabbit vibrator (15%)

  5. G-spot vibrator (9.3%) 

Revealing more than just toy preferences, the Lovehoney research showed that men are more than twice as likely to use visual aids such as photos and videos while masturbating (48%), compared to women (22%). Vulva owners tend to lean more towards visualising people and scenarios to get them off (36%), than their peers with penises (28%). 

The survey also shone a light on Aussies love for mutual masturbation, with 30% having masturbated with a partner, and one in ten (10%) stating mutual masturbation as their prefered self love method. 

“International Masturbation Day is a great way to project conversations about masturbation into the mainstream and help conquer any stigmas. There’s nothing shameful about self-love and self-discovery.

“You only get out what you put in and it’s about staying in touch with our bodies, relaxing and enjoying it. Go with the theme of the month, shake things up, discover new sensations and rediscover your body. It’s International Masturbation Day, so love yourself more,” added Wilder.


About Lovehoney

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