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New Aussie dance music website ‘The DJ Revolution’ officially launches

Announcement posted by The DJ Revolution 31 May 2021

After a ‘soft launch’ on social media last month, Sydney-based news service and dance music blog, The DJ Revolution, has announced its official launch today.

Having been three years in the making up until this point, their vision is to become one of the leading online resources for dance music enthusiasts & DJs – not just in Australia, but also across Europe.

‘’We’re really excited to have finally pushed out to market’’, The Founder said in a statement.

‘’Since I moved to Australia from the UK back in 2010, I’ve always thought that dance music websites – decent ones at least – were very thin on the ground here. I really think we can help put Australia back on the dance music map with what we’re trying to do – and create a really cool service that’ll eventually compete with the big boys overseas!’’

‘’As well as Australia, we also cover news stories and music festivals in the UK & Europe. Right now, especially, there’s only so much to cover here in terms of dance & electronic music events - but that’s slowly changing!’’

‘’Even with the Covid situation, the electronic dance music scene is still a massive market here’’, he went on to say.


If you’re into dance & electronic music - or if you’re a DJ of some sort - check The DJ Revolution’s new website here.

Official promo/launch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fUpZk5edz8


About The DJ Revolution

Based out of Sydney, The DJ Revolution is essentially a network of established DJs, producers and dance music enthusiasts. Focussing on the more underground side of dance & electronic music, they produce industry news pieces, festival updates and feature articles. They also provide various free resources for DJs.

In their own words: ‘’What we wanted to do was create an online resource that the dance community could be proud of; not just for your average raver and partygoer but also for those with a passion for DJing.’’