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A Theory of Everything Has Been Discovered

Announcement posted by Geno Publishing 31 May 2021

...and it's being released in a novel.

A theory of everything - one that explains everything in existence, has been discovered by George Sourrys.

George, an author who lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, set out to uncover this ground-breaking theory for his novel 'The Synchronicity of Ulysses'. And while his book is a work of fiction, the theory is certainly not.

 "It's actually a very simple formula. However, as you delve into it deeper, it explains everything. It explains time, evolution, why there are differences between classical and quantum physics, it reconciles science and religion. It even points to us all having a greater purpose," George explains.

And what is even more incredible is that he has released this theory through a novel. The Synchronicity of Ulysses is a work of visionary fiction, like other well known novels such as 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. "I wanted to write a book that could help people to learn deep wisdom while also being entertained. I feel that the telling of stories is such a primal part of human history that it makes it one of the strongest methods for imparting knowledge," George said. 

"Furthermore, I also wanted the book to help people to live the life of their dreams, so it has a strong undercurrent of personal development principles, all drawn from this overarching theory. After all, if we have a theory of everything, we might as well use it to improve our lives." Certainly, the book's blurb teases that 'The Synchronicity of Ulysses is an exciting adventure that also offers the reader personal enlightenment. Inside its pages is a real theory of everything and mindset principles which will forever change how you see your life and the world.'

If you would like to read more of this theory of everything, The Synchronicity of Ulysses is available in all good bookstores, including Amazon.

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