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New: TRAKKIT industrial vending machines. A smarter way to manage inventory onsite

Announcement posted by TRAKKIT Industrial Vending Machines 01 Jun 2021

Australian-invented technology that instantly eliminates inventory theft, shortages, discrepancies, and human error.

EMERALD, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - A 100% Australian-invented, owned and manufactured heavy industry inventory management system based in Central Queensland, Australia, has launched on the market. Named TRAKKIT - the system boasts a world-first patented technology purpose-built to help heavy industry intelligently manage inventory onsite.


The patented system works like a traditional vending machine - encased in a 20ft or 40ft solid steel purpose-built, portable shipping container - securely stocking heavy industry consumables, tools and equipment. Workers and contractors can access what they need in three (3) simple steps via trackable permission-based login access. All transaction data is tracked and synced live and sent 'to the cloud'.


As co-owner and inventor Craig Dahlenburg explains, "Trakkit works exactly like a vending machine, stocked with all your heavy industry tools and consumables. All a user needs to do is request an item via the product search interface at the front of the machine, and TRAKKIT finds and delivers it automatically on average within 45 seconds."


Mr Dahlenburg says TRAKKIT can handle anything from PPE equipment, spare parts, industrial supplies, returnable tools to tiny 2.5g washers. Anything that will fit into the machine's extra-large bins stacked neatly inside.


"With instant user access granted to stock via the TRAKKIT mobile app, a supervisor can give trackable access to employees or contractors to anything in the machine with a click of a button wherever they are in Australia. All transactions are pushed live to the cloud, so automated functions like low stock reordering become a breeze", adds Mr Dahlenburg.


TRAKKIT was developed over eight (8) years to solve inventory management headaches, including inventory theft, shortages, discrepancies, and adjustments, with a focus on accountability, availability, and usability.



A summary of features and benefits



  • Works exactly like a giant vending machine to dispense stock, tools, spare parts, and PPE to authorised contractors and workers onsite
  • Perfect for logging out and returning valuable power tools
  • Provided different levels of user access
  • Tracks everything live in the cloud. All stakeholders have insight into onsite inventory instantly
  • Supervisors can grant access to contractors and employees remotely
  • Eliminates theft
  • No more stock shortages
  • Time-saving
  • Flexible site-to-site set-up
  • Search for stock easily. Dispensed in 45 seconds
  • Completely customisable to suit your industry needs
  • TRAKKIT can dispense micro-size – tiny things – up to about 600 x 400 x 500 in physical size and approximately 50kgs in weight.


TRAKKIT industrial vending machines are 100% Australian-owned, invented and manufactured, with future manufacturing remaining onshore in Brisbane, Queensland. Co-owned by brothers Peter and Craig Dahlenburg.





For more information contact visit our company website: https://trakkit.com.au



Craig Dahlenburg 

E: craig@trakkit.com.au

M: Mobile: +61 427 570 417