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Greek Heritage shines through George Sourrys' new novel!

Announcement posted by Geno Publishing 05 Jun 2021

George Sourrys has just published his new novel The Synchronicity of Ulysses. Read his account on how his Greek Heritage shone through in his writing:

"I am half Greek in heritage, with my ancestors from my father’s side coming from the island of Kythera. As a child I wasn’t necessarily spreading the word of this. I didn’t understand the true significance of it. It was as I became older and learnt about the history of Greece that I became to realise how much I resonate with the culture. To me, one of the most magical periods of human civilisation was The Golden Age of Greece. The incredible advancements that were made in this period continue to astound me. They philosophised that the earth was a sphere, that everything was made of atoms and that creatures underwent evolution, thousands of years before these scientific truths were proven. I have always felt that if I were back in these times, I would want to be a philosopher, searching for wisdom such as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.

In my early twenties, I read a novel called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. It was unlike the novels I had read previously. It was visionary fiction – a genre where the story is not only written to entertain, but also to impart deep wisdom. I thought, how great it would be to write a novel like this, one with great wisdom. Perhaps I could discover philosophical secrets that one day could be proven by science in the distant future, just like the Ancient Greeks. And put this all into a book, an entertaining story.

It was a grand goal, but of course, I had to discover the wisdom to share first. This journey took the course of almost two decades. I read everything I could about almost every subject – philosophy, the sciences and religion. I did a bachelor of psychological science. I took notes of every great thought, every idea I encountered. I read other great books in the visionary fiction genre such as The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. And I travelled the world, particularly Greece, looking for wisdom. All with the vision to share a novel with the world, one filled with insights.

Over time, deep philosophical theories developed. And eventually, I had uncovered all the wisdom I needed and I was ready to share it with the world. And that’s when the journey of writing it began.

Unplanned, as I wrote it, I discovered that my Greek heritage was powerfully finding its way onto the pages. The story follows a character called Ulysses. Ulysses, like the ancient Greek philosophers, is on a quest to discover the universal truths. And finally, he discovers what he has been searching for - A Theory of everything.

However, there are unexpected side effects of this discovery – he becomes suddenly becomes psychic and these newfound powers attract the attention of The Shadows, a sinister dynasty that secretly controls the world and wishes to hide this enlightened theory from mankind.

Rescued from The Shadows by a secret society called Geno, Ulysses learns that Geno also holds this theory of everything and have done so since both the secret society and theory was first created in the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. Thrusted from his normal life, Ulysses embarks on an adventure like the original Ulysses (Odysseus) in Homer’s The Odyssey. He travels to the secret society’s base in the thick rainforest. Here, at the steps of an Ancient Grecian pavilion, he is taught the societies philosophical secrets. He learns mindset principles that will help him to live the life of his dreams. And most importantly to him, how to control his newfound powers. And this where the true adventure begins…"

The Synchronicity of Ulysses is available in good book stores and online, such as Amazon.