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The Greenwall Company Present TWO ELEVEN – Cremorne

Announcement posted by 360PR 07 Jun 2021

The Greenwall Company are thrilled to present their latest commercial project, TWO ELEVEN, located at 211 Military Road in Cremorne, Sydney. Under the careful tutelage of COSO Architects and working in conjunction with the skilful hands of Habit8 Landscape Architects, the innovative team were able to realise the creative fusion set down by Anthony Solomon & David Vago. 
Featuring grouped EcoPillows over three key areas of the top floor of the complex, the planting system was designed to not only provide privacy for the residents but also a greenspace for those looking into and out of the building.
Mark Paul, Founder and Director of The Greenwall Company says, “The addition of our greening solutions to the development has enabled the complex to reach a 5-star sustainability rating and provide a sustainable system, designed to last the lifetime of the building.”
The project was faced with multiple challenges, including difficult access due to being located on a major road bus route, numerous neighbours at close quarters, and a head contractor eager to reach practical completion with a plethora of trades completing tasks at one time. The Greenwall Company were also challenged to deliver on time and on budget a variety of species sourced from different environs, including Byron Bay & Northern Rivers.
The high-density living of this complex was softened greatly by mature planting, pre-grown by The Greenwall Company, which has resulted in a significant reduction of ambient noise, while creating instant privacy and tranquillity for both residents and neighbours alike.
Anthony Solomon, Director of COSO Architects said, “Under the guidance of the team leader and skillful staff, the Greenwall Company were able to successfully deliver a first-class product to this bespoke development.”
About The Greenwall Company:
The Greenwall Company is the premier producer of modular and custom designed greenwalls in Australia. They pride themselves on the fact that their walls and roof gabions are built from 94 per cent of recyclable materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. Tested, designed, re-designed, and mastered to ensure they will last the lifetime of the building on which they are installed, further reducing waste. The Greenwall Company have now installed their greenwall systems in over 200 projects and will continue to work towards the goal of reclaiming the built environment.

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