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New app protects against ransomware menace

Syncdocs protects you against ransomware and hackers

At least seventy Australian firms are among hundreds of companies that are infected with the same ransomware that last week crippled giant meat processor JBS and Colonial Pipeline.

Ransomware hackers encrypt company files to paralyze a firm’s operations. They also issue an ultimatum to these companies: pay up or face having your internal files published online. If companies refuse to pay, the hackers increase the pressure on firms by leaking bits of their data day by day.

In some cases cybercriminals have posted photos of employee passes, customer credit card images, and CEO passports.

Recent Australian ransomware attacks against businesses large and small have highlighted the need to protect data from criminals. Ransomware typically prevents users from accessing their files. A worrying new development is cyber-criminals releasing sensitive corporate data if a ransom is not paid.

Syncdocs defends against ransomware on two fronts:
1. It secures files with an extra layer of security, meaning no sensitive data is exposed
2. It provides a safe and easy way to restore any data lost from the cloud

Secure and Protect Google Drive

Australian developed Syncdocs is the first solution to provide fully automatic end-to-end encryption for Google Drive.  Syncdocs also allows users to restore their data to the pre-ransomware state, thanks to full versioning of all files and folders in the cloud.

Google only secures the Google Drive data while in transit, not at rest. That means anyone who can hack the Google account can access your Google Drive files. It is also all too easy to mistakenly share a sensitive file.

Syncdocs is different: it encrypts Google Drive files locally, before they ever leave your PC, Mac or phone. Files and folders are securely protected in the cloud with military-strength AES256 encryption.

Syncdocs also provides full versioning, allowing companies to “rewind” their files to any point in time and to restore their business to this date.

I you want online security, ransomware protection, or simply just want to improve Google Drive, grab a free evaluation copy of Syncdocs from https://syncdocs.com