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IMB Bank Community Foundation funding grants – applications close June 30

Announcement posted by Blue Planet PR 09 Jun 2021

“Anyone who is focused on improving the lives of others in their community, who has a great idea or a program already underway, should consider applying for a grant through the IMB Bank Community Foundation. If it’s a great not-for-profit idea, that helps people, we want to hear about it.”

- Robert Ryan, IMB Bank CEO

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9 June 2021 – More demand and not enough money to go around. It’s the challenge that many not-for-profits and grassroots community groups have faced since the global pandemic hit Australian shores.

In a silver lining for the charitable sector, extra funding is available from the IMB Bank Community Foundation. Not-for-profits, charities and grassroots community groups are encouraged to submit their cause or project for funding consideration by June 30 via IMB’s website: imb.com.au/community.

“The last 12 to 18 months have been unprecedented with fires, floods and of course the global pandemic...now more than ever our community groups could use a helping hand. That’s where we hope IMB Bank’s Community Foundation can play a key role,” says Robert Ryan, IMB Bank CEO.

“We’ve heard a lot about ‘resilience’ over the past 12 to 18 months, but it’s hard to be resilient in the face of COVID or a natural disaster unless you’ve got financial support. IMB Bank Community Foundation is here to offer that helping hand, and to build stronger, more empowered communities,” continued Mr Ryan.

The Foundation has a history of supporting more than 750 community projects that deliver essential disaster relief, education, health care, sports and recreation, arts and culture, aged care, and many other services to Australians in city, regional and disadvantaged communities.

“We are again calling for those people and groups, taking action and making a real difference in their neighbourhoods and networks, to come forward and apply for IMB Bank Community Foundation funding.”

Following the global pandemic, almost half of charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises reported an increase in demand for their services. [1]

While around 1 in 4 charities depend on giving and philanthropy for 50% or more of their total revenue,[2] in the midst of the global pandemic, 31% of social purpose organisations had not received government support.

Smaller organisations and those in regional and rural areas were also less likely to have access to or receive government assistance[3].

COVID-19 has also impacted the giving behaviour of Australians, with one in four givers expected to decrease their giving this year.[4] This comes as just over a quarter (26%) of social purpose organisations report a decline in philanthropic grants and funding.

To combat these statistics, the IMB Bank Community Foundation’s grant funding program aims to offer the financial boost that many of the teams and volunteers on the front-line need to continue supporting people in their local communities.

“Since 1880, IMB Bank has been strongly invested in the communities in which we operate. We have enabled hundreds of local groups to access essential funds to advance and strengthen their communities. We encourage all not-for-profits to apply for funding this year by June 30,” said Mr Ryan.

Projects supported by IMB Bank Community Foundation range from larger, far-reaching initiatives - such as the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute state-wide Heart Health Tour - to smaller local projects, such as sustainable gardens in bushfire-ravaged South East NSW, and inclusive netball tournaments in the Hunter region.

The IMB Bank Community Foundation supports people and communities in IMB’s key markets - Sydney, the Illawarra, Hunter, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Canberra and Melbourne. It is focused on building strong, resilient and forward-focused communities - which is at the heart of IMB Bank’s core philosophy.

IMB Bank Community Foundation 2021 funding applications close on 30 June 2021. Community groups should visit https://www.imb.com.au/community to apply.


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About the IMB Bank Community Foundation

The IMB Bank Community Foundation was established in 1999 to support the communities that IMB Bank calls home. Since inception, the Foundation has supported more than 750 community projects with over $10m in donated funding. The Foundation is proud to support projects which strengthen local communities through the transfer of skills and knowledge, encouraging and supporting volunteer input, and building sustainable community assets.


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