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Announcement posted by Kobler 09 Jun 2021

An alpaca fibre operation based on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia is raising eyebrows across the country, offering some of the highest quality fibres available in both the Australian and international markets and taking advantage of international demand.

Kobler, through its alpaca fibre brokerage, is supplying the globe with fibre from the animal, exporting to every corner of the globe including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Alpaca fibre is similar in nature to sheep’s wool, but provides greater warmth and is free of lanolin, making it hypo-allergenic.

The fibre is also naturally water-repellant and fire-resistant. The fibre is suited for a variety of purposes including knitting and can be made into a variety of garments.

While alpaca fibre is a somewhat unorthodox material, it’s growing in popularity globally, with Kobler getting in on the action.

Owner James Wheeler says that due to the sheer number of alpacas in the country, keeping up with demand has proved a task.

“The commercial supply of alpaca fibre is restricted simply by relatively small herd sizes. But demand is growing significantly across the globe,” James says.

“What Kobler is trying to do is bring attention to the industry and create a thriving but sustainable alpaca industry in Australia by building commercially viable fibre lots for mills.”

Kobler is supplied by hundreds of alpaca farmers across Australia, with suppliers based in various spots across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

In recent months, the company has exported both raw and clean fibre across the globe, a number of which were exports over the Tasman, with shipments ranging from just a few kilograms to entire shipping containers.

“What we’re seeing is a serious uptick in demand across the globe, and we’re ensuring the Australian market takes advantage of that.”

For more information, visit alpacafibre.com.au.