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Melbourne Couple Support Locals With Free Pastries During Lockdown

Local Couple spread goodwill with random acts of kindness during Victorias latest COVID lockdown

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, June 11, 2021.  Melbourne Couple, Albert and Alice Tran delivered French-inspired pastries by Laurent Bakery to struggling Melbourne COVID lockdown residents as part of their community initiative with their start up company ONYA Thanks!.

Co-Founder, Alice Tran, said the philanthropic initiative was grounded in the company’s core values to support and give back to the community.

Ms Baruah from Cocoa Oven received a free pastry box and said “I’ve been feeling a bit anxious over the last few days, I know doughnuts won’t solve world issues but sometimes all you need is a simple gesture of kindness to help you keep going.”

Ms Tran said “We put a call-out through our social channels for people to nominate others doing it tough during the lockdown, and started gifting surprise boxes of six mixed Laurent Bakery doughnuts,”

“Our company is currently in its pre-launch phase, but the situation was deserving of our support and we wanted to lift spirits with some incredible pastry treats free of charge during lockdown”

ONYA Thanks! was created by husband-and-wife duo, Albert and Alice Tran, after organising gift deliveries during lockdown but left feeling disappointed when required to ask the gift recipient their address, ruining the surprise.

Ms Tran said ONYA Thanks! provided a solution to the problem of self-disclosure when trying to gift a surprise package to a family member, friend or colleague.

“ONYA Thanks! is provided the recipient’s name and contact number, and arranges delivery on behalf of the sender, which retains the all-important element of surprise,” added Ms Tran.

“We also create a trusted privacy barrier where a recipient may be hesitant to disclose their personal address to a sender, and instead feel comfortable doing so with ONYA Thanks! as a reputable service.

“Our concept was originally designed for corporate gift-giving situations where many people are now working from home or remotely, so it’s not as simple as just sending a gift to an office address anymore.

“But it works in any situation where the sender doesn’t have the receiver’s address, so gifting for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby announcement, or any other occasion can be done without giving away the surprise of where the gift is coming from.”

As well as partnering with Laurent Bakery, ONYA Thanks! has also recently secured Brown Brothers’ Brown & Co. vegan-friendly rosé to its gift range.

To find out more about ONYA Thanks!, search @onya.thanks on Facebook or Instagram. The ONYA Thanks! website will go live in July.