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Helping Others to Find Their Own Loud Voices

School-yard bullying continues to be a problem nationwide [1], and with increasing access to smart devices and social media, the teasing can follow children home. Particularly quieter children, who may be seen as unable to stick up for themselves.

So when Sydney-based mother, Glaiza De Leon's, daughter arrived home from school in tears, Glaiza knew she had to do something.

“Her exact words to me were, ‘Mummy. I can’t find my loud voice. It goes super quiet when I talk to my friends. No one can hear me, not even me.’”

“My daughter and I love to read, so it was an easy idea to use storytelling to help the situation,” said Glaiza.

Using a homemade story, Glaiza helped her daughter find her loud voice, as well as a sense of calm and comfort within herself. “Children express themselves differently, and if you’re not the loudest in the room it can feel hard to be heard,” said Glaiza.

With the book’s and her daughter’s success, Glaiza knew there was a message that needed to be shared with others. Now, that very same story is due to be launched as her debut illustrated children’s book, Mummy, I Can’t Find My Loud Voice.

Glaiza hopes that her book will be relatable for quieter kids, as well as more outspoken children, helping them build patience, understanding, and empathy. Her aim is that the relatable character will help quieter children build confidence and inspire other children to find their own loud voice so that “it will get easier for these kids to speak up for themselves, and stand against any form of bullying”.

For mums, dads, or guardians who have children coming home from school feeling upset about not being able to communicate their thoughts loudly to their friends, this story will help find comfort and know that you or your children are not alone.

You can find out more about Glaiza De Leon, or purchase her beautiful book at http://www.glaizadeleon.com.au/

[1] Australian Institute of Heath and Welfare (2020) Australia’s Children: Bullying. Australian Government AIHW. Available at:https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/children-youth/australias-children/contents/justice-and-safety/bullying [Accessed 25 May 2021]