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Dr Nelson Chuang, a 2021 ThreeBestRated Award-Winning Dentist, Highlights the Benefits of Teeth Straightening

Announcement posted by Three Best Rated 14 Jun 2021

Logan City 14/06/2021Not all of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth. Most of us have misaligned or crooked teeth, which seriously affect our smiles. Besides, misaligned teeth disrupt several dental functions. Teeth straightening is no longer a complex procedure. People don't have to wear metal braces all the time. Many people are now discovering that Invisalign clear aligners have replaced metal braces in the majority of instances. Above all, teeth straightening has a lot of other benefits.

"The benefits of teeth straightening include a life-changing improvement in self-confidence due to patients having a smile that they are proud to show off,'' says Dr Nelson Chuang. Dr Chuang is a 2021 ThreeBestRated® award-winning dentist from Logan City, QLD. According to him, having straight teeth can also make teeth last longer. Well-aligned teeth mean the chewing function is improved, as more teeth can chew together now compared to before and the forces of chewing are distributed more evenly.", he further adds.

Straight teeth mean it is also less likely to get gum disease and dental decay, as straight teeth are easier to clean when compared to crooked teeth. Whereas, Crooked teeth attract more bacteria build-up and food debris accumulation. Therefore, these can lead to more cavities forming or more gum problems.

Regarding the treatment procedures, Dr Chuang says, "We have found that Invisalign has made the experience of teeth straightening much easier as no longer do patients need to wear the metal train-track braces that are considered unsightly and very noticeable. Patients can now discreetly straighten their teeth using customised high-tech clear aligners, and so a lot of adults who were previously too embarrassed to undergo metal braces treatment are now starting Invisalign treatment instead." He further says, "We often notice that when teeth straightening treatment such as braces and Invisalign is complete and patients have a nice smile, they are vastly happier in general."

About Dr Nelson Chuang - Choice Dental

Dr Nelson Chuang is an eminent dentist who has been practising dentistry since 2000. Graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000, Dr Chuang decided to start his own practice to pursue his career. So, he established Choice Dental in 2004. "It was originally just a one-chair practice, but over the years, word-of-mouth grew the business as patients kept referring to their friends and family. Now, we are a dental clinic of three full-time dentists, one part-time dentist, and two oral health therapists.", says Dr Chuang proudly.

Anyone who visits Choice Dental can be confident that they are in good hands. For over the last two decades, Dr Chuang has been providing the highest quality dental care to each of his patients. He always treats his patients as if they are his own family members. He says, "All our dentists and oral health therapists in practice follow my philosophy of treating the patient to the best standards. We are proud to be a practice built on dental excellence."

Dr Chuang has recently won the prestigious ThreeBestRated® award. On winning the award, he says, "I feel very surprised to have received this accolade as there are many good dentists in Logan. I am very honoured to have achieved this award. I am appreciative that the hard work of building a great team that delivers comfortable and caring dental treatment has been recognised by ThreeBestRated®."

Unlike other practices, Choice Dental pays more attention to details during dental examinations. They intentionally make the effort to book 30-50-minutes for a comprehensive inspection of the teeth. They are at the forefront of technology with the latest equipment with an iTero 5D decay detection scanner. Dr Chuang and his clinician team are proud of their ability to maintain high standards in dental care. To know more about them, or to get in touch, please visit - https://www.choice-dental.com.au/about-us/.