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Skincare product testers end up pregnant

Melbourne, Australia - Product testers for Skin Federation’s Prebiotic Intimate Lubricant were pleasantly surprised by some unexpected pregnancies. Three couples involved in testing have already given birth while a fourth is due in the coming weeks. 

In 2019 Skin Federation set out to develop an intimate lubricant specifically for women which would have the added benefits of improving the overall condition of their intimate skin area. For 12 months samples were created and quality tested at the Skin Federation lab and then sent to product testers for review and feedback. Testers included couples and single women from varying age groups, and with their help a final product formulation was ready in early 2020. 

What makes the Skin Federation Prebiotic Lubricant standout is the inclusion of prebiotics. Prebiotics encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms which are essential to the development and maintenance of a healthy skin microflora. So now women are able to enjoy themselves while knowing they are looking after their skin at the same time.  

Since the development of the personal lubricant Skin Federation has released 2 more products featuring prebiotics. These include a Prebiotic Intimate Hydrating Gel and a Prebiotic Intimate Cleansing Micellar Serum. The full range of Skin Federation products are available now from: https://shop.skinfederation.com/ 

“The high number of pregnancies in our test group was not something we had expected. We set out to develop a personal lubricant for women with a skincare first approach. With the assistance of our testers, I think we successfully achieved that. As for the pregnancies, we put it down to the extra practice and dedication as a tester.” - PJ (Founder of Skin Federation)

About Skin Federation

Skin Federation is a personal skincare manufacturer and retailer specialising in products for the female intimate areas. Skin Federation was founded in 2019 and released its first product in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic in Melbourne. Learn more about Skin Federation at www.skinfederation.com