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Shock ads will hit TV screens to force the Federal Government to stop age discrimination targeting people over 65 who are living with a disability.

The national campaign, Disability Doesn’t Discriminate, is being launched today. It exposes the disgraceful and deliberate decision, made in 2013, to exclude the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) from the Age Discrimination Act.

Spinal Life Australia Chief Executive Officer, Mark Townend, who is leading the campaign said the amendment made it lawful for the NDIS to refuse funding to people who become disabled over the age of 65.

Disability can impact anyone at any time and doesn’t discriminate, so why should age matter? It is unfair, unjust, and unacceptable, and it must end now,” Mr Townend said.

One in five Australians, approximately 4.4 million people, live with a disability. Almost half (44.5%) are over 65.

Australians over 65 who are excluded from the NDIS, are forced onto the My Aged Care Scheme, which provides a maximum of $52,000 a year in support packages and has a waiting list of up to 18 months.

“It is unconscionable. A younger person with the same spinal cord injury, can qualify for the NDIS and receive a funding package of up to $250,000 a year while older Australians struggle to afford care, wheelchairs, equipment, and other support. At Spinal Life Australia we hear these heart-breaking stories every day.

The campaign gives Australians the opportunity to add their voice to the call to end age discrimination. Each website sign-up triggers an email to the person’s local Federal MP calling for: 

1.      NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds to amend the legislation to end age discrimination

2.      Them to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to stop people over the age of 65 being legally excluded

3.      Two key Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations that address equity for people with disability to be immediately adopted


“Some of our members have missed out on NDIS funding packages by weeks. These are Australians who have fought in wars, paid taxes all their working life, and don’t deserve to be discriminated against,” Mr Townend said.

It was two years ago next month that 74-year-old Terry Cokeley had a cycling accident and became a quadriplegic. Because he’s over 65 he doesn’t qualify for NDIS and the extra funding package that would make life easier for him and his wife Alison.

“The injury that Terry has is not age-related, so why should he be discriminated against because of his age? Alison said.

We need you to add your voice to help us stop age discrimination and inequity so people over the age of 65 have the same access to funding and support as younger Australians. www.disabilitydoesntdiscriminate.com.au

Link to Media Kit, including Television Commercials HERE