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Meth Decontamination & Cleaning Services In Sydney

Announcement posted by Decon Solutions Australia 24 Jun 2021

Decon Solutions Australia provides Meth Cleaning, Forensic Cleaning, Virus decontamination and Biohazard Cleaning services throughout Sydney and its suburbs.
Meth labs are being found across many places in Sydney and its suburbs. Many houses in Sydney are being used for cooking methamphetamine. The majority of Australian residents are unaware that they live near a meth contaminated area. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that an illicit meth production facility is properly cleaned and tested. Construction materials and furnishings can collect contamination and, in certain circumstances, emit vapours, so owners should be aware of this. Decon Solutions Australia is Sydney's leading provider of meth cleaning and decontamination services. Residential apartments or flats that share a shared air conditioning system, common space, or a common wall are also vulnerable to be contaminated with Meth. Decon Solutions, as a local service provider, offers a complete cleaning package in Sydney, ensuring that each and every part of a Meth-contaminated house is cleaned and decontaminated. Following decontamination, the property owners will get a full report from an authorized meth testing lab.