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It’s time to take the plunge. Wild Wellness is Tasmania’s new remedy for modern life stress. Think Wim Hof Instructor-led ocean plunges, expert-led sessions by the fire and guided breathwork beneath the stars. All set in Tasmania’s epic wilderness. Due to demand, four exciting new options are on offer ranging from day experiences to recharging retreats to four-day guided cliff walks.

Wild Wellness is an Australian first – a merging of medical professionals, decades of experience and global thought leaders – delivered through retreats and online courses – launching nationally this August.

So, lace up your boots for transformative travel deep in the island wilds, supported by a wellness team spanning input from a doctor, psychologist, NLP practitioner, breath-worker and nutritionist. We take the best of the traditional wellness model and bring it into nature’s office. With limited spots remaining, find out about the latest offerings across Tasmania.

  1. Three Capes Lodge Wild Wellness WalkTasman Peninsula

August 20-23, 2021

The ultimate cliff-hugging Wild Wellness experience. Across four life-shifting days on the Three Capes Track, walkers deep dive into nature, cold water plunging with a qualified practitioner, fireside journaling and meditation among towering Eucalypts. Led by expert Tasmanian Walking Company guides, the healing power of nature has its way between long table dinners and fireside chats.

“I’m so thrilled to be launching Wild Wellness with such an esteemed company, the Three Capes Wild Wellness Walk is an epic partnership. Ultimately, I can’t see why Tasmania shouldn’t be the Australian epi-centre of health and wellness. I do feel Wild Wellness belongs here; one of the last wild frontiers, at the edge of the world,” says founder, Alice Hansen.

  1. Five Huts Wild Wellness WalkMt Wellington Hobart

August 29, 2021

Our FIRE AND WATER experience. Dip a toe into Wild Wellness, in conjunction with the team at Walk on Kunanyi for a day on the mountain like no other. We’ll explore some of kunanyi / Mount Wellington’s most celebrated huts, hear their stories, take an icy plunge then cosy round a hut fire across 7-hours of powerful wilderness immersion.

  1. Wild Wellness @ The Cove  - Devonport North West Coast

September 3-5, 2021

Wild Wellness delivered with front row seats to Bass Strait in Tassie’s North West – recharge, relax and grow. This three-day retreat draws the very best practitioners to the coast from around Australia. Wim Hof Instructor-led ocean plunges, doctor-led chats round the fire pit, powerful journaling, massage, sunrise yoga and secret cove escapes come standard with this wellness experience. Little penguin dusk performances are complimentary.

  1. AF-Wild Wellness @ The Cove - Devonport North West Coast

October 1-3, 2021

Our Alcohol-Free Wild Wellness Retreats (AF-WW) are for those wanting to shift their relationship with alcohol and enjoy the process. Australians spent an extra $2 billion on alcohol in 2020 compared with 2019. As a country, we like a drink.

This retreat is an Australian first - a merging of medical professionals, global thought leaders and decades of experience. Hosted by The Cove, Tassie’s latest seaside escape, it’s the ideal locale for transformative sessions served up with a good dose of seaside relaxation.

“Wild Wellness is truly a unique and innovative approach for Australian Mental Health,” says addiction specialist Dr. Chris Davis, a Sydney-based GP and Director of East Sydney Doctors and founder of the Clean Slate Clinic. “I consult with patients every day who would benefit from holistic skills that are offered by the retreat. I am excited to be visiting Tasmania and being part of the program at The Cove in September.”

With plans to expand nationally, keep an eye out for Wild Wellness coming to the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk and the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk in 2022.


For more information visit: www.wildwellnessmethod.com

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