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All Weather Shelters Explain Why Australians Love Their Outdoor Living Spaces

Australians are blessed with an amazing climate that allows them to enjoy their outdoor living spaces nearly all year long.

Australians are blessed with an amazing climate that allows them to enjoy their outdoor living spaces nearly all year long. An outdoor space is perfect for catching the sunshine in winter and the cool breezes in summer. Also, outdoor spaces can add immense value to your home, at the same time providing you with various health benefits, and a functional and beautiful space to entertain family and friends.  


Even the most basic of new build project homes have a covered patio as part of the design, and All Weather Shelters encourage you to get out there and enjoy your outdoor space, and following are a few tips to transform your outdoor living are, in order to add interest, value and functionality to your home. 


Moving to a new house or finally having the time or money to renovate are common motivations to update or completely overhaul our backyards – with some pretty spectacular results. A third of homeowners are keen to make changes because they have recently purchased a home and want to make it their own, they finally have the time to do it, and/or they now have the financial means.  


Australian homeowners are also motivated to renovate in a quest to improve privacy and to correct the poor use of existing outdoor space, and the vast majority of homeowners update or introduce structures such as decks, pergolas, terraces and verandahs, and many also add a barbecue area. 


The humble backyard has always been a mainstay amongst Australian homes – a place for the family to spend time together while enjoying our predominantly beautiful weather. While lot sizes have shrunk over time, and backyards with them, our love of outdoor connection has remained, inspiring homeowners and homebuilders alike to be creative with their design. 


All Weather Shelters’ Production team, who have been with the company many years, have developed detailed procedures that ensure quality shelter installations with minimum disruption. The team of experienced administrators and installers pride themselves in advising, designing and building structures to add to family life style, and for more information on pergolas in Melbourne please go to https://allweathershelters.com.au .