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Announcement posted by Song Saga Pty Ltd 01 Jul 2021

The hit music and storytelling game comes to the stage with a celebrity panel of players.

SYDNEY, NSW -- Song Saga will present Song Saga LIVE! as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival Ideas Exchange taking place at the UTS Great Hall on Friday August 13, 2021, and featuring a celebrity panel competing to share the stories and soundtracks of their lives.

For the first time ever, Song Saga will be played live on stage in front of a festival audience of up to 500 people with a celebrity panel ready to share the music and memories that made them who they are. And the audience gets to help choose the winners!

Song Saga founder, Eran Thomson says “this will be a social experience that helps people break into the memory bank and recall the stories and soundtracks of their lives.”

Get ready to take a musical trip down memory lane and play along with a mix of playful personalities including: Bec Charlwood (comedian), Tim Silverwood (ocean activist), Simeon Bartholomew (musician) Fenella Kernebone (radio/TV presenter), Leah Howard (DJ/choreographer), JJ Winlove (filmmaker) and more.

Song Saga LIVE! is sure to be an intimate, awesome, funny and emotional roller coaster ride with a killer playlist. But it's about more than the panel. This special event will help everyone who attends remember how much they rock too!

Celebrate your inner legend, enjoy stories you won't hear anywhere else and discover (and remember) some classic tunes. Expect surprise appearances, audience awards, door prizes, and yes, the bar will be open.

Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional, and highly encouraged.

Event Details

Venue: Vivid Ideas Exchange, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Address: The Great Hall, Level 5, Tower Building, Ultimo NSW 2007 

Date: 13 August

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Ticket Price: $39.99

Buy Tickets: Link


Song Saga is the conversation card game with a killer soundtrack. Green cards spark memories of the music and moments that have meaning to you, and every round takes you on a musical trip down memory lane. Blue “You Rock!” cards are won by sharing the best song and story ‘set” - and how you keep score. And the Gold Card Awards are how you give props to your fellow players. The game is unique in that it’s played using any music app, but what makes it really special is how it surfaces songs and stories we may have forgotten or never heard. The outcome is joyful connection and recollection. Learn more at: song-saga.com

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Song Saga Website: https://song-saga.com

Vivid Sydney Website: https://www.vividsydney.com/event/ideas/song-saga-live

Eran Thomson Website: https://eranthomson.com

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