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Black and White Illustrated Book helps to Create Space for Parents and their Children to Connect

In an increasingly digital age, it can be difficult to find time to switch off, and slow down. This is even more apparent when you have children. While being a parent is hugely rewarding, adjusting to pregnancy or new parenthood can be challenging. 

To create a space for parents and their children to connect, Olga Emslie has created Juxtapose, a book of black and white illustrations inspired by sacred geometry and the seven chakras.

Olga’s work has been, “energetically and intuitively crafted to support the bond between both the mother and baby, while stimulating their visual cortex, allowing for the right hemisphere to unfold and the non-linear brain to open, Olga says. 

It will also allow for “a gentle deepening and reflection time for you as the mother or parent, opening space for a more profound and higher vibrational point of view, gifting yourself time”. 

For those who are new to sacred geometry or chakras, Olga’s illustrations are applicable regardless of where you are at in your journey and practice. The illustrations support you as you learn to work with your chakras, energy centres, and the flow. 

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast and homeschooling her children after working in early childhood for 19 years, Olga states her experiences have always deeply impacted her approach to teaching. She went on to say that her new life on the Sunshine Coast has given her a deeper perspective. towards the guidance of children’s learning and the energy behind it.

"We get bombarded with so much stimulation around us that we lose sight of our wishes and desires for ourselves as parents and for our precious babies as they first come into the world. Our beautiful babies hold space for us just as much as we hold space for them”, she says. 

Each piece of art in the book has been designed and produced by Olga, who says she “created each image from a place of surrender”, and “by design, these images aren’t perfect, they have imperfections,” she says. These imperfections make each illustration, and the book as a whole, feel very human. 

There is a range of evidence to suggest that babies can first see white, black, and shades of grey [1].

A black and white book like Olga’s Juxtapose gives babies a chance to experience the heartfelt connection and energetic bond, while supporting their developing retina and limited colour perception. The bold images and contrasting black and white patterns stand out in a typically blurry world. “

With this book, Olga hopes to achieve a renewed creative life for herself and has dreams of many more books in the future.  She also hopes that the illustrations will help the community to connect to the natural world, and the power of intention through our own sacred energy “The illustrations can be accommodating if you are new to the chakras, the transmissions provided can be used as a guiding template as you begin to create your own”. 

You can find out more about Olga Emslie and Juxtapose, at the link www.omtology.co/ 

[1] Hyvärinen, Lea et al. “Current Understanding of What Infants See.” Current ophthalmology reports vol. 2,4 (2014): 142-149. doi:10.1007/s40135-014-0056-2