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Australian Campervan Manufacturers & Affordable Motorhome Conversions Launched

As campervan ownership remains beyond reach for many Australians, New South Wales-based Japanese Auto Imports (0477 070 034) has launched a range of affordable campervan conversion services based on low-kilometre Mitsubishi Delica's.

Sydney, New South Wales-based importer of quality Mitsubishi and Nissan vans, Japanese Auto Imports Pty Ltd, has launched an expanded campervan conversion service focusing on durable and comfortable features such as a kitchen, insulation, solar power and storage.


More details can be found at: https://japaneseauto.com.au/campervans

With the concept of self-contained holidays growing in popularity, the recent announcement is designed to provide residents of NSW, QLD, ACT and Victoria with access to affordable, high-quality campervans that can serve a variety of purposes.

Camping has always been a popular pastime in Australia. However, the perceived lack of comfort has made an increasing number of people seek an alternate means by which to enjoy the great outdoors. While the Caravan Industry Association of Australia reports significant increases in campervan ownership, this option is often still beyond financial reach for many aspiring owners.

With the recent launch, Japanese Auto Imports aims to lower the barriers to entry for campervan ownership through their campervan conversion services, which are based on a range of imported, low-kilometre Mitsubishi Delicas.

Each custom fit-out is conducted in-house, with many interior features such as slide-drawer gas cookers, domestic fridge drawers, extendable interior beds, and storage units being created from durable materials using the company’s own CNC equipment. The vehicles are also overhauled to include sound-proofed roofs, insulation, and a full range of mechanical refreshes as required.

To provide owners with more versatile solutions, many of the new conversions are designed to serve dual purposes. For convenience in daily use, these vehicles are able to accommodate four people, while for holiday purposes the interior can be easily reconfigured to sleep two.

A large factor in the price that Japanese Auto Imports are able to offer the new conversions is the vehicles that they are based on. Utilising imported vehicles from the Japanese market allows the company to provide high-quality 2x4 and 4x4 campervans without the price-tag that similar vehicles would attract from new in Australia.

While the Mitsubishi Delica's were never released from new in Australia, these vehicles share multiple components with vehicles from their respective manufacturers. The Delica, for example, shares the same engine and transmission as the popular Mitsubishi Pajero.

Japanese Auto Imports are applying the new conversions to V6 3.0 litre models of the Mitsubishi Delica manufactured between 2002 and 2006. All models are 4x4, making them well suited to more rugged conditions.

With the latest announcement, Japanese Auto Imports confirms a commitment to providing Australians with access to high quality, affordable campervan solutions with free home delivery options available.

Interested parties can view their current sock can find more information by visiting: https://japaneseauto.com.au/campervans

Organization: Japanese Auto Imports Pty Ltd
Address: 16 Production Avenue, Kogarah, NSW 2217, Australia
Phone: +61-477-070-034
Website: http://japaneseauto.com.au/campervans

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