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Sydney Electrical Service Installs Wired Smoke Alarms for Elevated Safety

Fire is one of the fastest, deadly and most unpredictable forces in the world. Those are just some of the reasons that the services offered by Sydney Electrical Service has made it a premier installer of wired smoke alarm detectors.

The company is cognizant of all the building code requirements for the installation of smoke detectors. The experts know how many alarms should be installed and their positioning to be most effective within any structure. All services and devices meet Australian Standard AS 3786-1993 and Building Codes. Proper installation is a critical safety precaution to safeguard families and their property.

At Sydney Electrical Service, clients have peace of mind knowing smoke detectors are installed by highly-qualified electrician Bondi professionals with extensive experience and training. Wired fire alarms are connected directly into the electrical wiring system, which calls for an elevated level of expertise.

On-going annual maintenance is provided by the electrician Inner West to ensure that the system is working at peak condition. The company cleans and tests all smoke detectors, replaces back-up batteries, and replaces expired or faulty smoke detectors. Decibel levels are also tested to ensure the sound can reach all areas of the structure.

The level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire consults with clients on the benefits of the two types of smoke alarms from which to choose. Technicians explain the differences, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about the type of smoke alarm they feel is best suited for their needs.

Sydney Electrical Service offers an extensive range of services. The company is a Level 2 authorized ASP provider that offers 24/7 emergency services. The technicians install safety switches, provides connect and disconnect services, and performs metering and upgrades.

The company is a specialist in wireless, traditional and high-tech security systems and provides strata management. Preventative maintenance and repairs are offered and the company is qualified to work on overhead and underground lines and install solar systems and electric car charging systems.

Sydney Electric Service is fully licensed, insured, able to work on contestable works, and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. The company works with residential, business and commercial clients and free no-obligation quotes are available.

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