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Natuvion is featured as one of the Experts for Selective Data Transition in SAP Rise Fireside Chat in Singapore

Announcement posted by Natuvion Australia & New Zealand 05 Jul 2021

Singapore: SAP's Fireside chat focussed on the role of SDT as an enabler for SAP's Rise program
Singapore, 05th July 2021, 11:00am

In an Event organised by the Singapore Business Review today the SAP S/4HANA Transformation community came together to learn from the members of the Selective Data Transformation (SDT) Community, a select group of established SAP Partners that have specialised for years in Data Transformation- as well as System Landscape Optimisation Services.

The Selective Data Transformation approach lends itself perfectly to the SAP Rise program by enabling a more flexible, faster and less riskier transformation approach suitable for situations where SAP Standard tools alone will not suffice.

Natuvion APJ was represented by its CEO and Co-Founder Christian Schroefl who shared experiences from S/4HANA Transformation projects as well as his insights on why SAP Customers should embrace the new Migration approach:
"What is the Selective Data Transformation (SDT) approach and how can it help?"
SDT is not an exclusive approach but can complement all approaches
SDT changes a System transformation into a migration (and doesn‘t change the production source system)
SDT allows the Business to realise value from a 1 step transition to S/4HANA
It is the most flexible approach for customised solutions and system configurations thatwork

"When would a Selective Data Transformation approach be advisable for an S/4HANA Transformation?"
If flexibility for Business Transformation is required
If Data Volume matters – leave old data behind but bring historic data
If stifled by technical constraintscannot upgrade, Business Function unswitch etc.
If current system settings can be re-used and adaptedno need to go back to a clean slate

Christian Schroefl has worked for SAP for more than 19 years, both out of Europe and also out of APJ and has got hands on SAP Delivery experience of more than 21 years. He has supported SAP S/4HANA transitions since 2017.