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Why is 'Selling' Such a Dirty Word?

Announcement posted by Ocean Reeve Publishing 05 Aug 2021

Women often feel that selling is distasteful [1], but use persuasion and passion to sell ideas to each other every day. So why is ‘selling’ such a dirty word?

For Sunshine Coast author and award winning Business Coach, Kym Cousins, selling is about passion, about the outcome, and about believing in helping people to make their life better. She says, “Falling in love with selling, helps you improve your life and your business.”

In her book, Selling with Heart, Kym outlines the ways to change your mindset about selling – turning the word ‘sales’ from a dirty word into a palatable word akin to service. “Selling is about helping people see a brighter future,” Kym says. 

Whilst selling can be seen as an awkward and uncomfortable process, our economy is driven by sales, and Kym excitedly provides tools for her readers to fall in love with an authentic, service orientated model of selling.

And despite launching in the middle of COVID, when much of the world was in lockdown, Selling with Heart, continues to gain interest and success. To date, the book has won three awards—Best Audiobook at the Business Book Awards, a Five Star Readers’ Favourite Award, and was named a Book Excellence Winner.

Kym’s philosophy has helped many to embrace the sales process as essential, achievable and exciting, and continues to make headway. At its heart, Kym’s book urges readers to listen to their gut, and to their heart. 

“It’s time to step up into your sales superpower,” Kym says. 

The continued success of Kym’s book proves that her techniques are necessary, and are striking a cord with a diverse readership.

Kym has been named as a Finalist in the Micro Business Woman of the Year Category of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards. Winners will be announced at a Gala Event on 7 August.

You can find out more about Kym at kymcousins.com, and about her business at  http://www.sproutforbusiness.com.au/ 

[1] Hyatt, Carole (2008). ‘Selling’ is Not a Dirty Word. Entrepreneur. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/218065