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Wheelchair Conversion on 4x4 bus

Announcement posted by Bus 4x4 Pty Ltd 14 Jul 2021

Bus 4x4 Conversion of Coaster

Bus 4x4, is a Brisbane based 4x4 conversion specialist converting Toyota Hiace and Toyota Coaster into 4x4. The Bus 4x4 AWD Conversion Kits for Toyota Hiace and Toyota Coaster are proven in off-road conditions to move moderate amount of people. Leading Australian and international off-road industry companies meet their 4x4 needs with the Bus 4x4 conversions.

Australia is known worldwide for its quality and manufacturing capability. Overseas countries seek Australian vehicle products due to the stringent nature of ADR (Australian Design Rules) and vehicle compliance which are considered as quality benchmarks around the world. In creating a quality 4x4 conversion solution for Australian conditions, Bus 4x4 is recognised as a quality innovator around the world and the company exports its 4x4 conversion kits to countries with challenging terrain such as Africa, PNG, Middle East and South America, to name a few.

Allan Whiting of Outback Travel Australia, a foremost 4x4 expert who has over 20 years’ experience as a 4WD technical editor and as a judge of 4x4 awards, sums up Bus 4x4 “Bus 4x4 has cut its teeth - literally - in the Australian mining environment and we can’t think of a tougher place to learn what works and what doesn’t”.

The Bus 4x4 Conversions of Toyota Hiace and Toyota Coaster come with High and Low Range 4x4 and modified Front and Rear Suspension with Upgraded Shock Absorbers. After the conversion, the Hiace achieves a 180mm lift while the Coaster achieves a lift of 210mm over the factory standard which enables both vehicles to have an ideal ground clearance with greater traction and control over challenging terrain.

Carlisle Rogers of 4WD Touring Australia says, “Bus 4×4 is Australia’s foremost authority on 4WD conversion of larger passenger vehicles. These guys know their stuff more than any other operator servicing the Australian market”.

The Bus 4x4 philosophy has always been to create a better solution with an existing product. The company strives to innovate based on its rich hands-on-experience across 90 combined years in the transport industry. When a remote council in Far Northern Queensland wanted a wheelchair-lift incorporated into one of the Bus 4x4 Conversion of Coaster, the company rose to the job. The idea was to have a dual utility bus which could be used as a normal passenger vehicle and as a wheelchair bus when required.

All wheelchair companies can easily incorporate a wheel-chair lift on a standard factory clearance vehicle, but the challenge was to fit the lift with the additional height without cutting into the rear. A 3 month R&D process resulted in a solution including an additional foldable ramp for a smooth ride into the wheelchair bed. Bus 4x4 is pleased that it can now offer a 4x4 converted Coaster with a wheelchair-lift as a 19 seat bus (17 passengers + 1 wheelchair + driver) and hopes this conversion will an ideal vehicle to cater to the whole community.

Bus 4x4 is a leader in the 4x4 people mover industry and actively associated with organisations such as QBIC (Qld Bus Industry Council), BIC (Bus Industry Council), ICN (International Capability Network), AIDN (Australian Industry & Defence Network). Over the years, Bus 4x4 has also won accolades and awards for its products.