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A Certified Relationship Expert in Perth

Your last shot at true love just might be now! Debbie Rivers is one of the finest relationship coaches in Australia, entrepreneur, counsel, guide, and a sought-after media persona. After successfully covering the ground in Australian dating advice scene, she has dared to evolve her methods and bring her services online. Unsurprisingly, she is also the founder of one of the most trusted dating services in Australia- Dare2Date. She offers guidance in keeping up with trends in dating/relationships, countering the effects of social media on relationships, body language coaching, channelling Masculine/Feminine Energy to create Power of Attraction, coaching on how to approach men and women, and coping with cheating. She is a Certified Coach, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach,  Level 1 and 2 Trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a Certified Matchmaker with the Matchmakers Institute in New York and a Master in mBIT Coach (Europe).

“I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I’m consumed with empowering singles just like you to be successful in love. I am obsessed with having bigger conversations about love, dating and relationships. The ones that change lives.”, says Debbie. Debbie herself has come out of a long marriage and spiralled down the uncertainty of Love. In her words- “I felt like a big fat failure because I failed at the one thing I truly wanted. How the hell did this happen and how could I let love in again?… Let alone work out how to date after 21 years!?”

Once she began dating, Debbie indulged in self-sabotage of any prospects that had potential for a stable, more loving future. “After a massive amount of self-work, study, real-life experiences and research, I stopped doing all the self-sabotage and pushing good men away. I also cut through the crappy dating advice that is out there that doesn’t work!” And seems like she really means what she says. Rivers works with you to make healthy approaches, explore, and experience. Most importantly, she is on a mission to lay to bed all the awful dating advice that has made the romantic lives of Australians miserable.

For people who want to start a chapter in your life that you can share with a special someone, DebbieRivers is not only a respite, but also the last ray of hope to many. Living her life to the fullest even after crossing the 50-year mark, she only wishes to spread this experience to everyone. If anyone needs relationship coaches, guidance in dating, or help in handling grief, Rivers can be reached at the number +61 450 771 382. You can also write to her at debbie@dare2date.com.au. If you have any queries, you can submit the query form here. With an array of happy customers to show, she surely stands out amongst a crowd of coaches and influencers.