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Subbed In releases new book by Patrick Lenton

A deft turn of comic absurdity bound through this truly queer romp of a book

Date: 26/07/2021 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
From: Subbed In
www.subbed.in | dan@subbed.in

‘Sexy Tales of Paleontology’ by Patrick Lenton
A pile of rats having an identity crisis. A sexy robot rebellion. A velociraptor revenge wedding. The world's horniest scientist. Enter Sexy Tales of Paleontology: a world of queer romance, (dis)connection, and artifical intelligence told with Patrick Lenton's idiosyncratic bizarreness and heart. Lenton's short stories combine laugh-out-loud humour with an honest-to-goodness sensibility. Sci-fi oddities, pop culture, a lesser-known Kardashian who lives on the moon, and a deft turn of comic absurdity bound through this truly queer romp of a book. But beyond all this, at the beating heart of the book, is the foolishness, horror, and delight that is love and heartbreak and 43 rats.

Endorsement quotes
“Lenton has an imagination like dropped pudding — delicious, and a crime to waste it. This collection is wicked, witty and only occasionally horny. Here Lenton writes with enviable verve around the intersection of science, inhumanity and the clarifying force of love. It is a book teeming with life and brilliance and I am very mad that I did not write it.” - Rick Morton (One Hundred Years of Dirt, My Year of Living Vulnerably)

“Patrick Lenton is a hot little piece of ass, and his book is a hot little piece of ass (for the mind).” - Nina Oyama (Utopia, The Weekly)

“Wildly inventive, refreshingly bonkers. I verify this attempt at humour by this human male.” - Julie Koh (Portable Curiosities)

About the author
Patrick Lenton is an author and journalist from Melbourne. He is the author of A Man Made Entirely of Bats (Spineless Wonders), collection of essays Uncle Hercules and Other Lies (Subbed In), and full-length collection of short stories Sexy Tales of Paleontology (Subbed In). His writing has been featured in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer In Australia, and journals like Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Scum Magazine, and more. He is the Editor of pop-culture, news, and entertainment website Junkee and has written journalism and non-fiction for publications including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, VICE, and more.

Genre: Fiction / Short Stories
ISBN: 9780645152449
Paperback: Perfect Bound
Audience: Trade/General (Adult)
RRP: $24.99 AUD
280 pages
178mm x 108mm
Release date: 26 July 2021
Publisher: Subbed In

For further information and media requests, please contact Dan Hogan, publisher at Subbed In: dan@subbed.in