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Reaching Women with a Message of Hope

Announcement posted by Ocean Reeve Publishing 09 Aug 2021

Emotional and psychological abuse is a common issue around the world, affecting people from all walks of life. In Australia, 25% of women and 14% of men have experienced emotional abuse by a partner since the age of fifteen[1].


Despite increased access to our communities through our phones and the internet, these experiences are extremely isolating and have only been compounded by the stress of disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic[2], which has forced so many of us to live our lives from the confines of our homes for long periods of time. 


Shabnam Ighani has written her memoir in the hopes that it will “reach women with a message of hope, especially those women trapped in an unhappy life and suffering from depression”. In her book, Shabnam shares her story of emotional abuse and depression before escaping her husband and Iran. From there, she moved to Australia to be free and to give her children a better life. Now Shabnam wants to help others to do the same.


Inspired by the eagerness of her friends, Shabnam has shared her personal experiences, as well as her ten self-made rules “that helped her to overcome her own obstacles to grow into a strong and independent woman. We are all entitled to human rights, regardless of our gender, ethnic background, social status, or religion,” says Shabnam. Sometimes, we forget that appropriate mental health care is a right that should be afforded to all. In sharing her story in a relatable and accessible way, Shabnam has also shared many “creative strategies and tools to help to overcome depression”. 


This is more than just a typical story of hardship through to success. It will teach you about culture, relationships, and imprisonment—one woman’s courage and the strength of a mother’s love. 


This book highlights the persecution of Bahá’is and the ongoing government discrimination encountered by those with religious beliefs. Shabnam supports Stopping Hate Propaganda and hopes her story will encourage readers to investigate the prevalence of religious-based violence and emotional abuse.


You can find out more about Shabnam Ighani and her book on her website www.shabnamighani.com


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