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BaptistCare partners with GetSetUp to bring health and wellness to age care clients

Announcement posted by GetSetUp 11 Aug 2021

Online virtual classes will open up a world of new options for older adults

SAN FRANCISCO, August 11, 2021


BaptistCare, one of Australia’s leading aged care providers, has partnered with GetSetUp to bring health and wellness classes directly to its clients. BaptistCare’s main focus in 2021 is on health and wellbeing - Be Well, Think Well, Connect Well!


Older adults are the largest rising population and one that has notoriously been overlooked by technology. GetSetUp is changing that by creating a customised safe space for mature adults to learn, create, and share their wisdom. The platform helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit, creates economic opportunities through jobs and reskilling, and provides a community where people find meaning and purpose. By creating a safe space for older adults to learn at their own pace, GetSetUp is helping to create a global revolution for ageing adults.


BaptistCare will offer its clients classes that promote cognitive stimulation and physical activity. Knowing that each person starts with different levels of comfort with technology, they will also include a wide range of tech classes to ensure online literacy and avoid digital exclusion.


As an aged care provider, BaptistCare knows their expertise primarily lies indirect health and wellness care, so they aren’t looking to become major content providers themselves. Instead, they partnered with GetSetUp, the largest growing virtual wellness platform for older adults, to be able to effectively scale up this online aspect of their services on a platform customised for older adults. Combined, BaptistCare and GetSetUp are a powerhouse of care addressing aspects of all the social determinants of health, which can cause as much as 55% of ageing decline.  


“There are just so many different things that older people can do to improve their health and fitness, as well as to make new friends, learn something new and simply have fun along the way,” says Sarah Newman, the General Manager of BaptistCare at home. “Working with GetSetUp literally opens up a world of new options for our clients, and we are excited to see the difference it is making.”


At Home, clients will be the partnership's initial focus as a next step to BaptistCare’s online social club they created with 108 members, which will allow them to expand their program with hundreds of new classes focused on health and wellness.


We hear learner feedback daily about how we are changing the world by helping reduce social isolation, which is one of the leading causes of illness and death among older adults. Older adults on our platform are able to be a part of a global community with peers that are passionate about similar topics. For many learners with mobility issues or who are alone, this has made a world of difference. While they may be alone physically at times they don’t have to be lonely thanks to all the friendships and connection opportunities we are creating. Fellow peers in positive learning environments are just a click away. said Lawrence Kosick, Co-Founder of GetSetUp.


To learn more about GetSetUp, please visit https://www.getsetup.org


To learn more about BaptistCare, please visit https://baptistcare.org.au/


About GetSetUp


GetSetUp is a live, interactive learning platform for older adults who want to learn new skills, connect with others, and unlock new life experiences. Classes are taught by older adults and kept small to ensure everyone can actively participate. The platform helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit, creates economic opportunities through jobs and reskilling, and provides a community where people find meaning and purpose by helping each other and forming new connections. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, visit https://www.getsetup.org/