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Announcement posted by pepperit. 11 Aug 2021

Real estate is all about connections
Real estate is all about connections. Building the relationships that will help you grab and close deals. And nurturing the connections that will grow your real estate business. 

Social media for real estate is pivotal to ensuring that you hit the ground running in your efforts to build and nurture these connections. In a climate where lockdowns are more frequent than we’d like, and many people continue to work from home and prefer digital modes of communication, social media is your best friend. 

You take to the streets to get your name known and to make valuable connections within the local community. And in the same way, engaging your digital audience is no different. Social media for real estate agents is not all that different from engaging with people at auctions, open houses, in the office, and wherever else you traditionally meet new and potential clients.

With social media:
- Chat with your followers as if you were face to face.
- Stay up to date with important changes and local events that might interest or concern your audience.
- Reach out to businesses and individuals who work with a similar clientele.

Of course, you have a lot on your plate. Not every agent has time for social media and that’s completely normal. You’re busy making deals, pitching vendors and generating leads. Our social media for real estate service works with agents to take social media off their plate. 

With years of social media for real estate experience, we’ll take care of posting, creating content, copywriting, and managing your channel’s social media engagement and conversation. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re building the relationships you need to to keep your community strong.

Over 80% of your homebuyers are using social media for research yet 74% of real estate agents admit they don’t have the knowledge or the time to properly invest in it. It’s time to invest in social media for real estate agents.

Nicole Shelley
Head of Marketing
t. 02 9327 7775

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