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New Word Order launches latest campaign for Domestic and Family Violence awareness

Announcement posted by Joy Clark & Associates 13 Aug 2021

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) can manifest in many ways – it’s not just physical abuse and can affect anyone, anywhere, no matter their gender, age or class. 


Brisbane independent agency, New Word Order has launched a new awareness campaign for Domestic and Family Violence through digital, video, social media, print and mobile.  


During the height of COVID-19, the agency produced its first iteration of the campaign.  This next phase draws more attention to the lesser-known forms of domestic and family violence such as controlling or monitoring finances, technology or social interactions.


The agency has produced a series of videos, each targeted towards a defined group through a specific channel, with icon-based imagery and messaging focused on what DFV can feel like, rather than show the specific behaviours.


“Our goal was to make domestic and family violence easily recognisable and relatable, without depicting gender or stereotypes.  It was important to remind people to reach out for support, and to act quickly if witnessing DFV,” said Scott Oxford, Head of Creative and Strategy/Partner at New Word Order.


“Work of this kind speaks straight to our purpose as an agency; to make a meaningful impact to people’s lives.  Our team is proud to have been involved in this latest campaign and in supporting families in our local community,” he added.


See the campaign here:  https://www.qld.gov.au/law/crime-and-police/abuse-family-matters-and-protection-orders/domestic-and-family-violence-non-physical-abuse