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Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney is Changing Lives with Multiple ACC Therapies

Announcement posted by Options Communication Therapy & Training Centre Pty Ltd 16 Aug 2021

Dr. Jane is a certified and practicing speech language pathologist with over thirty years experience. She has also completed Train the Trainer courses in Assessment and Training.
Everyone needs food, shelter, clothing and safety, but the communicate is often overlooked as a critical need. Being able to communicate enriches life and Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney, owner of Options Communications Therapy & Training Centre, is changing the lives of those with autism and specialized communication needs.

Being able to communicate is a basic human right. An AAC certified speech therapist, Remington-Gurney delivers multiple services for individuals with temporary and permanent complex communication needs. The expert provides specialized therapies and custom solutions, workshop training courses, online learning for communication partners, and Provision of Medico-Legal consultations.

The inability to communicate effectively can occur due to learning and intellectual disabilities, autism, PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and neurological disorders. People with those and a host of other conditions can benefit from the services of a communication therapist. Evidence-based therapies enhance the ability for individuals to communicate with others. To obtain the best outcomes, the Centre’s therapies are tailored to the strengths and needs of the individual.

The AAC speech therapist understands that speech-language needs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The Centre utilizes an extensive variety of highly effective therapies that can encompass noise cancelling headphones, software, sign language, bio-feedback, symbolism, and speech-generating devices. Therapies improve skills for daily living, reinforce positive behaviors, and support overall health and wellness.

It’s often difficult for those without training to interact with people that have communication needs. Remington-Gurney provides Communication Partners programs online. People learn at their own pace through the five courses that includes audio-visual presentations and downloadable materials. It’s a unique approach designed for family members and caregivers to create better understanding and teach them effective communication methods for those with special needs.

As an AAC speech therapist, Remington-Gurney is an expert in the many ways that individuals can communicate, all of which are not verbal. Complex communication needs can stem from any number of causes. The Centre provides expert assessments and creates customized programs that can include multiple therapies for those with speech-language requirements to improve quality of life.

About Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney
Dr. Jane Remington-Gurney is the director of Options Communications Therapy & Training Centre Pty. Ltd. She’s a certified and practicing speech language pathologist with over 30 years of experience and has completed Train the Trainer courses in Assessment and Training. The AAC speech therapist has a PhD and investigated the strategies used in interactions with people who have Down syndrome, Rett syndrome or cerebral palsy. Her passion is to develop communication programs that are effective, fun and evidence-based. This most often means communication programs that are multimodal, interdisciplinary, and involve communication partner training. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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