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Acorn Experts highlight importance and effect of manager engagement

Announcement posted by Pursuit Technology 30 Aug 2021

Continuing their campaign to educate organisations on engagement, the Acorn subject matter experts have explored a slightly more niche concept – how engaged managers help create engaged employees. Managers can account for at least a 70% variance in employee engagement. Acorn’s article looks at seven key methods to help build engaged managersAcorn is a product of Pursuit Technology, and the full article can be found on their Acorn Labs blog now: https://bit.ly/3oUL33h  


“Your managers are the bridge between strategic business goals and the individual contributors that help drive your organisation towards success,” says Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director). 


“Engaging them is crucial to ensuring those goals are communicated effectively so projects are carried out efficiently and optimally, the workplace culture is healthy and motivated, and to get your bottom line over the line.” 


Great leaders inspire through both what they convey personally and the practices they follow. They are typically engaged in the values of their organisation, tap into people’s personal motivations, lead by example and show employees what they need to do.  


The experts explore the staple suggestion of succession planning  communicating when someone’s potential has been clocked for possible advancement. In addition to this, their seven methods for boosting engagement consider key attributes:  trust, respect, collaboration, empathy, recognition, provisions and opportunities.  


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