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Announcement posted by Spinal Life 30 Aug 2021

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week, 6 - 12 September 2021

Spinal Life Australia’s ‘Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week’ this year is focusing on ‘Good Access = Good Business’. The week aims to showcase businesses that have made access improvements whilst encouraging others to make changes, no matter how small. With economic benefits of $12.7 billion annually*, being accessible really does = good business.

COVID has challenged businesses to quickly adapt to continue serving their customers in new ways and to serve new customers. During what is becoming the ‘new normal’ businesses are having to rethink how they do business to generate income and become sustainable in the future.

“This week-long campaign hopes to shine a light on ‘Good Access = Good Business’ and we encourage businesses to jump on board, as they use COVID lockdowns to refurbish, reconsider their business models, or think about how they serve their customers in the future. During the week, businesses will be able to log onto our website spinal.com.au and take a short quiz to see how accessible they are and where we can help if needed”, said Mark Townend, Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Life Australia.


One of Australia’s most popular holiday parks BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park has seen the business benefits. “We’ve really paid attention to making changes to our parks to accommodate everyone, having a disability shouldn’t mean that you have to worry about where you can stay”, said Andy Hewitt, General Manager, BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park.

“Being able to access businesses like the rest of the community makes the daily challenges of living with a disability a little less troublesome. Being in a wheelchair you really don’t want any surprises; it can ruin your day or cause you embarrassment, so many people rely on recommendations either online or in person for businesses that are accessible”, said Lachy Chapman who has been a wheelchair user for the last three years.

*Research by Deloitte Access Economics estimated the economic dividend to Australia from having a more inclusive society to be $12.7 billion annually.

Notes to the Editor/Producer:

·         Spokesperson from Spinal Life Australia can be provided.

·         Spokespersons from businesses who have embraced ‘Good Access = Good Business’ can be provided.

·         Around 350 - 400 people sustain a spinal cord injury every year in Australia.

·         One in five Australians live with a disability.

·         Spinal Life also have an online resource that helps people with disability review a business and their accessibility level via accessibleaustralia.com.au; a free resource where you can share reviews on the accessibility of destinations in cities and towns across Australia, including hotels, restaurants and cafes, bathrooms, parks, beaches and more.