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Top 10 reasons why well-educated men prefer to remain single

Announcement posted by The Educated Singles Club 30 Aug 2021

Well-educated men are less willing to give up their single life than earlier, but they still want a partner
Traditionally, men have been more dependent on being in a relationship than women. It was a trend that strengthened during the 60'ies and 70'ies where women become more financially independent. Now it seems that more men like their single life too.

There has been a lot of research showing that women are happier than men being single. The newspaper, The Independent is for instance referring to a study by data analysts Mintel, 61 per cent of single women are happy being single, versus 49 per cent of single men. The survey also found that 75 per cent of single women have not actively looked for a relationship in the last year, compared to 65 per cent of single men.

We know Educated Singles are more content being singles than less educated people.
In The Educated Singles Club, we regularly conduct surveys among the members on various topics related to our mission. The results are pretty consistent. Our members are mostly interested in meeting that significant other, but they have time to wait. That is why we encourage our members to show as many sides of themselves as possible in the profile and when participating in the community. 

Dr Finn Majlergaard, founder of The Educated Singles Club says: "We created The Educated Singles Club to be everything opposite of Tinder. We wanted to give our members to connect at their own pace bot intellectually, emotionally and physically".

More well-educated men are happier being singles than earlier
A recent development is that well-educated men, in general, have become more content being single than before. We write in general because we haven't researched if there are differences in age groups, countries, number of previous relationships, etc. But surveys among our members confirm the change, that men - at least our members have time to wait for the right one, and that they have a good life while waiting.

That is why The Educated Singles Club is a better choice for these men than traditional dating sites. We are a club for singles, both those who are actively looking, and those educated singles who are happy with the current situation. We know from previous research that educated singles, whether they are actively looking or not, prefer to be with other educated singles for social activities. When we organise events around the world, they are never traditional dating events. It is always about something else. It can be a speech on an interesting topic, a museum visit or a thought-provoking workshop. Our members come to these events because they are interested in the topic for the night. But they also know that all the other participants are members of The Educated Singles Club. This way the members can approach each other more easily at the social get together that always follows the event. 

Why have well-educated men become happier with being single?
There are a lot of reasons why men have become happier being single. Here are the top 10 reasons from our latest survey:

1. Past experiences have taught educated single men, that a relationship is not always desirable.
2. They are too busy working and work has their priority and gives satisfaction.
3. Educated single men, who have children from a previous relationship don't want a new woman in their lives, who could potentially cause trouble.
4. They like their freedom.
5. They don't want to feel pressured to have children.
6. They came out of a relationship recently and want time and space to find themselves and find out what they want.
7. They to explore new types of relationships e.g. where you have a partner, but don't live together.
8. The best friend and sexual partner don't have to be the same person.
9. They want intellectual and emotional attraction as driving forces for a relationship rather than swiping through tinder.
10. It is difficult to find a woman who is on the same page in the book intellectually, experience-wise and financially

- The Educated Singles Club is a global club, based in Europe where the world's toughest privacy laws apply. No information will never be shared with anyone

- The Educated Singles Club has ambassadors around the world who organise member-only events in the larger cities. They are not traditional dating events. They are events that have a professional or cultural topic followed by a reception for the participating members. You come to the event because you are interested in the topic, but you also know that all the other participants are well-educated singles. 

- There are no free profiles. The Educated Singles Club has a very transparent and simple business model. The costs are covered by the membership fees - nothing else. Sites that have free profiles often make their profit from selling private information to third party marketing agencies. For The Educated Singles Club, privacy is paramount. 

The Educated Singles Club was founded by Dr Finn Majlergaard who knew a lot of well-educated singles who were disappointed by the current dating sites and dating apps. He and his team started a large research project with the purpose to find out why so many well-educated people were single. One of the surprising findings was, that quite many well-educated singles were quite happy with being singles, but they would like to meet like-minded individuals for cultural, social and professional events. Then, maybe, the physical and emotional attraction could develop from there.

All these findings lead to the creation of The Educated Singles Club. And the popularity is growing rapidly as more countries and tech companies are focusing on privacy protection.