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Jobs Created Through Better Community Connections

Announcement posted by CreateMyJob 31 Aug 2021

CreateMyJob connects and empowers local communities to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world through proactive job creation.

The pandemic restrictions have put a spotlight on the importance of communities and connections. But in today's world, it seems more challenging to build and maintain them.

The pandemic has also bought work closer to home. It has significantly reshaped how people work and live within their local communities. There is an unprecedented opportunity right now for individuals to create their jobs - by starting businesses or proactively seeking out job opportunities - that are more aligned with their lifestyles and goals. 

Ultimately, they can do what they love in their local neighbourhood.

The strength of communities in supporting each other has significantly increased as people want to change jobs or careers, work from home more, and stay connected with people within their local communities. 

CommunityCONNECT is a geo-location platform for individuals within communities to connect: to buy local and support local businesses, to help others in need, to find job opportunities, and even for networking. 

It is a place where local businesses can ask for community volunteers to help them with specific tasks that they are struggling with (e.g., social marketing, accounting).

Job seekers can effectively network and connect with local businesses and employers. They can seek employment opportunities and volunteer their services to help local businesses.

Volunteers can use CommunityCONNECT to pay it forward by helping local businesses and communities.

Disadvantaged communities are served through our partnerships with community-based organisations already working in the local communities.

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CreateMyJob is a for-impact social enterprise born out of the need to connect and empower local communities to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world through the proactive creation of jobs.

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