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Loukas Law Provides Specialised Representation for Separating Couples

Announcement posted by Loukas Law 31 Aug 2021

Ffamily Divorce Lawyer Perth

A separation can be every bit as traumatic as a divorce, but that doesn’t mean that individuals are bereft of legal protection. Separations can also be amicable. Separations occur when two married people dissolve their union and Maria Loukas, owner of Loukas Law, can offer clients multiple options to preserve assets and ensure that time limitations are met.

It’s essential that clients be accurate on the date that they officially separated and seek legal assistance immediately. There are specific time limits as to when separation proceedings must commence. The firm also knows that emotional support during this time is a critical factor. Loukas Law is one of the very few that provides access to family counselling Perth through its partnership with Cottesloe Counselling.

The counseling perth is an expert in separations and divorces. Even couples that have decided to separate may find it convenient and financially feasible to continue to live in the same abode. The law firm knows exactly what proof is required to establish that clients have separated and steps that may be required to satisfy the courts.

For those that are legally married, there are a wide variety of issues with which clients may be concerned, such as the use of a maiden name, how soon the client can remarry, the complexities associated with an overseas marriage, or changing a child’s surname. There are also some common mistakes clients make and the family divorce lawyer Perth provides expert guidance for avoiding actions that will negatively affect a separation or divorce.

Loukas Law provides clients with a full array of legal services that includes negotiating property settlements, mediation and arbitration, and litigation. Clients have access to collaborative counsel for integrated dispute resolution, solutions when family violence is an issue, and representation for estate administration and probate. The law firm helps clients find a future they can live with for the next chapter in their life.

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