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How Often Should You Service Your Solar Pool Heater?

Announcement posted by RGC Advertising 01 Sep 2021

Why Do Solar Pool Heaters Need Servicing?

As a pool owner, one of the most essential investments you make is purchasing solar pool heating since swim seasons are significantly shorter without a heater, and swimming in the winter is virtually impossible. Luckily, solar pool heaters enable you and your family to extend the pool season and take advantage of warm water on demand.


Therefore, it's critical to safeguard your solar pool heater investment. At the end of the day, the owner's responsibility is to preserve and ensure the correct optimisation of the solar unit for the long run.


Why Do Solar Pool Heaters Need Servicing?

Even though virtually all solar pool heaters are designed to deliver dependable and energy-efficient performance, they are not resistant to general wear and tear. Particularly since solar pool heaters are designed to be used regularly and year-round, it's entirely normal that the usage starts taking a toll on the reliable device over time!


Therefore, servicing your solar pool heater on a regular basis is crucial. Pool heater maintenance is a preventative step against any damage that extends the unit's life and ensures its quality and functionality.


A solar pool heater, like a car, sees a lot of use and has to be maintained regularly to be in good working order.  


You wouldn't drive your vehicle for years without taking it to the mechanic, would you? Certainly not! You should look at your solar pool heater in the same way to ensure consistent and efficient trouble-free operation.


Advantages of Regular Service Maintenance on Your Solar Pool Heater

Now that you know how important it is to service your solar pool heating unit let's go over the advantages.


Since every part of a solar pool heater works in unison to heat your pool efficiently, even when one part of the unit is lagging, the burden of wear and tear is significantly increased. Regular maintenance ensures all components of a unit is operating correctly.


Servicing certifies the consistent performance of the unit as directed in the manufacture's manual. This equates to more steady energy efficiency and allows you to keep operation costs low.


Spending a little money to maintain the lifespan of your pool heater for regular repairs is considerably more cost-effective than paying a lot of money to restore its functionality entirely or buying a replacement solar pool heater.


You will never get a surprise with a cold pool if you keep up with routine maintenance, giving you the everyday assurance, your heating will operate flawlessly when you're ready to swim.


When To Service Your Solar Pool Heater

As a general rule of thumb, if you use your pool frequently, you should service your solar pool heater at least once a year.


The best time to get your solar pool heater serviced is when the unit is not regularly used as much. Typically, your solar pool heating unit will see the highest usage for the year during winter when we want the water to warm up. On the other hand, the off-season tends to be in the middle of summer for most Australian households. Since our summer weather is already so hot, usually the pool heaters take a break.


Servicing your solar pool heater during Summertime will minimise the chance of any minor issues developing into major issues later when you start using the device more regularly again. This degree of routine solar heating maintenance ensures that the unit is kept in the best possible condition, saving energy and extending the machine's life.


How To Service Your Solar Pool Heater

First and foremost, unless you have the assistance of a pool heating professional, we do not advocate opening up your solar pool heating system. However, some tasks that do-it-yourself pool owners can do to extend the life of their solar pool heating includes:


·        Maintain the area surrounding the pool heating unit by clearing any debris, leaves, stone, branches etc., that accumulates on or around your unit. As this ensures adequate ventilation to your unit for optimal operation.


·        One of the finest things you can do for your heating is to use it regularly, which encourages proper water circulation and prevents internal corrosion and dirt accumulation. Of course, don't forget to pamper your unit with a yearly service— it's the simplest way to keep the unit running smoothly for years!


Although some pool owners may do a certain small amount of maintenance themselves, a comprehensive service is best handled by pool heating specialists. Advanced repairs, particularly, should be left to professional pool heating specialists due to refrigerant components and other fragile parts.


During a maintenance visit, your pool heater will be carefully inspected, components will be cleaned, greased, adjusted, and the equipment will be checked for safety and performance.


Since solar pool heater experts have years of industry expertise and all necessary instruments to complete the work quickly and efficiently. Saving you time and money since highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians complete the job.


What's the Entire Life Expectancy of a Solar Pool Heater?

Gas and electric pool heaters may be cheaper to install, however, they cost more to operate and don't last as long as solar heaters. It is common for gas and electric pool heaters to last for 5 to 10 years. Whilst in comparison, you can expect a pool heat pump to last for 25 years, pool solar panels for 25 years and solar pool blankets for 10 years.


That said, be sure to service your solar pool heater annually to maintain peak performance and increase its lifespan.


Every piece of equipment has an expiration date, and as a customer, you should be aware of when particular systems and appliances will need to be replaced. However, several factors, including appropriate usage and maintenance, might influence when you should replace your solar pool heating system. Here are some things to remember:


·        When pool water is out of pH balance, or its chemistry is unbalanced, this can cause damage, corrosion or cause failure of other equipment on your pool.

·        Harsh elements – like snow, ice, rain, leaves etc. – can damage the unit, so protect your heater with a custom pool heater cover.

·        If your pool heater is the subject of many power-ups and downs, these surges may cause premature aging and damage.


These are a few examples of some issues that could occur to your solar pool heater, but if you execute regular maintenance on your pool heater at least once a year, you should be able to extend the life of your pool heater well past the warranty.