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... why can’t this be easier?

Announcement posted by Find Ya Hole 07 Sep 2021


For Immediate Release - 7/9/21

Melbourne, Australia - FIND YA HOLE  are proud to announce the launch of their new Puncture Detection Wipes, available now at findyahole.com.

They can be used to detect punctures in BBQ hoses, gas bottles, tyres, inflatable mattresses, ski tubes, pool toys or even your own personal bedroom inflatable.

Company founder Peter Baumann initially came to the idea through his own laziness. “I know I should check my BBQ gas bottle and hoses for leaks, but I can’t be bothered with the hassle of going back to the kitchen, filling up a bowl of soapy water, grabbing a sponge and doing the check... why can’t this be easier?

Now it is.

Find Ya Hole Puncture Detection wipes store conveniently for easy access, and can perform a puncture or leak detection in mere seconds.

Find Ya Hole Detection wipes are available to purchase now at findyahole.com.