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ViraCoat Raises £2M in funding for innovative PPE Coating

Announcement posted by ViraCorp 08 Sep 2021

An innovative antiviral and antimicrobial coating made by an international scientific organisation has gained funding for its final stages of accreditation.

A UK-based organisation developing PPE masks that begins to kill viruses like COVID-19 on contact, ViraCoat, recently raised £2 million in funding.

The round was managed by Brisbane based companies Sequince Group, Guardian Group, and Klyp, who secured investment from J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd, an Australian family owned and operated business that provides waste management solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The capital is intended to fund the final stages of accreditation for ViraCoat.

A subsidiary of UK based company ViraCorp Ltd, ViraCoat was set up to develop and produce an innovative coating that once applied to PPE kills COVID, SARS, Influenza, and other viruses. The ViraCoat range of masks (FFP2, FFP2r and FFP3) with the coating are the first products being developed, which are currently undergoing the final stages of accreditation testing in the biomedical facilities of England’s Lancaster University.

The mask production is ramping up at locations throughout the UK and Australia. ViraCoat’s international sales, marketing and distribution is prioritising hospital and healthcare workers through pre-orders.

ViraCorp Ltd is an international organisation offering innovative products, scientific research, and ideas, aiming to lead the fight against viral infections and diseases while also providing humanitarian aid to the areas and people that need it. ViraCoat is one of the subsidiaries of the ViraCorp brand.