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Are you prepared to tie the knot once restrictions end?

Announcement posted by Temple and Grace 09 Sep 2021

Australia's first home-trial service for Wedding Rings
Did you know that you can select your wedding rings despite the CoVid travel restrictions? If you believe 'click and collect' is a great service, you need to think beyond. Renowned jewellers Temple and Grace have recently launched Australia's first home-trial service for wedding rings and have disrupted the traditional jewellery industry. 

At Temple and Grace you can view hundreds of wedding rings for men and women. The best part however is that you can shortlist three of your favourite rings and try them on in the comfort of your home. Anand Keswani, director of Temple and Grace mentions that when the recent lockdown in Sydney struck, sales immediately fell. However, instead of temporarily closing the doors, they thought of focussing their energies on developing ground-breaking services that would keep them in business. Anand goes on to state that while they've always been selling wedding rings online, a large number of consumers believed in the touch and feel experience. This is why our Sydney and Melbourne stores have always been busy. When sales dropped by over 80% in the first week of the lockdown, we knew we had to do something different. As soon as the lockdown hit, Anand and his co-director Twisha went into a (virtual) huddle with their IT team. The result was ground-breaking. Since our clients' could not visit us, we decided to launch a service that could get our products to their doorstep, he said. The wedding ring home-trial service has been a hit and hundreds of Australian's have benefitted from this innovative idea during the lockdown.  

Anand further states that Temple and Grace has always believed in providing value to consumers. Being jewellery designers and hand-crafters themselves meant that consumers can save over 40% on unique Australian wedding rings when compared to traditional high-street jewellers. With glowing 5 star reviews across Google, there is no-doubt that Temple and Grace is pleasing fellow Australians who are keen to exchange vows as soon as the restrictions end. Twisha states that they've never been busier. Since the home-trial service is free, orders have kept pouring in all through the lockdown. To use the service, all one needs to pay is a security deposit of $100 per ring which is refunded in full once it is received back. There are no postage costs either. The home trial service she says, is in fact becoming so popular that New Zealander's too are now using this. Visitors to our website were surprised when they saw this feature available. No one ever believed that they could try on wedding rings in the comfort of their home. She mentions that jewellery is a lot about trust, quality and service and with physical jewellery-stores closed, our client's have simply loved this service. 

With Australians working from home, video consultations too have also been extremely popular and sales have gone through the roof. With hundreds of men's and women's rings available both, online and at their jewellery stores in Sydney and Melbourne, Temple and Grace have been quick at adopting new shopping trends. Anand states that the main challenge in retailing jewellery online is building trust. When consumers spend upwards of $1000, they want to be sure that the store exists. He said that they put themselves in the shoes of their consumers and added services that would help bring in the element of trust. Besides ordering for a home trial, you can order your wedding ring online by paying just 25%. The remaining is payable only on the day the ring is dispatched. With new-age services like these, there is little reason why Australian consumers are flocking online to tie the knot in-style and on time.